StaffTools | Improve Moderation 2.9.8

Helpful plugin to enforce the rules on your server

  1. Anti Advertisement

    Added anti-advertisement feature, disable or enable it in config if you'd like.
    Bypassing permission: stafftools.antiad.bypass
    Will be looking to improve and optimize it in the future.
  2. Added configurable anti-caps, minor bug fix.

    * added anti-caps you can configure the max caps in a message in the config.yml file.

    * when the chat is locked the slowchat doesn't put you on cooldown anymore.
  3. Antiswear

    Added an antiswear

    bypassing antiswear: stafftools.antiswear.bypass

    reloading config file command
    /staff reload
  4. More stuff :D

    So now the stafflist shows the total amount of staff online.

    The underground users GUI will now teleport you to the underground user you select.

    You can now toggle receiving reports /reports

    When a player is reported it gets logged in the config and you can
    check how many times they have been reported with /checkreport

    When a player leaves while frozen they will not be unfrozen when they log back on.
  5. Chat managing.

    Added a way to manage your server, and there are now a few commands to do so.

    /clearchat [stafftools.clearchat]
    Simply clears the chat.

    /togglechat [stafftools.togglechat]
    Toggles the chat for users without the permission: "stafftools.togglechat.bypass"

    /slowchat <seconds> [stafftools.slowchat]
    Slows the chat for users without "stafftools.slowchat.bypass"
    Max slow: 45 seconds
    Minimal slow: 0 (0 will disable the slowchat)
  6. Removed particles,..

    * When you exit staffmode you get teleported to the location you were originally at when you toggled it on.

    * Particles removed because of unstable behavior in different versions.
  7. Reporting

    Reporting feature

    /report <player> <reason>
    cooldown 2 minutes

    seeing reports:
  8. The plugin is now stafftools, new feature

    * I renamed the plugin to stafftools because I wish to branch out and have more freedom to add more features that aren't really related to a staffmode, and that limitation was restricting my ideas.

    * Warn feature
    /warn <user> <reason>

    * All permissions are now changed
  9. Bad news

    * The plugin no longer supports 1.12 because it is very unstable and buggy in 1.12..

    * /staff commands now require staffmode.staff
    * added help command (/staff help) - "" (GUI)
    * the visibility of staffchat is now toggleable /scv || /staffchatv (staffmode.scv)
    * Particle Effects (Disabling vanish, unfreezing / freezing a player)
    * Minor bugfixes