StaffTools 0.3

BungeeCord plugin designed to add small, but useful utilities to staff members of servers.

  1. TheReverend403
    (Oh god, I'm tired. I should work on this more tomorrow.)

    StaffTools is a plugin designed to make staff <> staff and player > staff communication a lot easier. It is based on the plugin I made for, although written from scratch with many more configuration choices.

    Requires BungeeYaml

    Current features:
    • Staff list
    Planned features:
    • Cross-server staff messaging
    • Cross-server player reports (possibly with MySQL)
    • /stafftools - Displays a small description of the plugin, as well as a nod to the author. Mostly used to ensure the plugin is working.
    • /stafflist - Lists all staff members online, and which server they are on. Output can be customised in config.
    • stafftools.command.stafflist - Allows a player to view the staff list
    • stafftools.staff - Indicates that a player is staff. They must have this permission to appear in /stafflist
    Source: All source code is available at

    Psst. Gib moni pls.


Recent Reviews

  1. Voigt
    Version: 0.3
    This plugin does not function and the author has been banned on SpigotMC since 2014 meaning there will be no future maintenance to repair it.
  2. TheDarkStar3
    Version: 0.3
    It says international error while i type in /stafflist. Do i maybe have the permission set in the wrong place or somethink. Please help !
  3. xxyy98
    Version: 0.1