StandCustomizer 1.0a

StandCustomizer is a lightweight plugin and easy to use plugin to customize armor stands.

  1. ShadowPlay


    StandCustomizer is a plugin that adds a GUI interface to the server for armor stands. With it, you can customize every armor stand in the way you want with unique settings.​


    - Easy to use GUI Interface
    - Constant Updates
    - No Commands
    - Unique Settings.


    Place StandCustomizer.jar in your plugins folder for your server, restart it, and you're good to go!


    To customize an armor stand, put one on the floor, then left click on it to access the GUI Menu.

    Armor Customizer:
    Allows you to change the armor and the holding item to anything you want! You should be following this template:


    Limbs Customizer:
    Allows you to rotate each limb seperately and to Enable/Disable arms.

    Thanks for supporting this plugin in any way. We're working hard to give the best support and the fastest updates possible.