StandShowcase 1.1.9

Showcase with hovering blocks!

  1. BlazingBroGamer

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    Currently using a new coding programme, so I will upload code as I get more used to it.
    - Custom blocks with IDs
    - Supports player heads
    - Custom rotation
    - Custom speed
    - Custom name with color code support
    - Floats in the air
    - In-Game Alignment
    - Showcase Slides
    - Commands

    /sc create [Item] [Name]:
    Create a stand with the name (Color Code Supported)

    /sc delete:
    Delete after [selecting] the showcase you want to delete

    /sc deleteall:
    Delete all stands that are active

    /sc align:
    Align all stands, so they all look at the same direction. This can be done with /reload as well

    /sc speed:
    Set the speed of rotation of the stands

    /sc rotation:
    Set the amount to rotate every time

    /sc addslide [Item]:
    Add a slide after [selecting] the showcase you want to add a slide to (Type Changer)

    /sc addcommand [CommandSender] [Command]:
    Add a command after [selecting] the showcase you want to add a slide to (Type Changer)

    /sc resetslides:
    Reset the slides after [selecting] the showcase you want to reset the slides on

    /sc resetcommands:
    Reset the commands after [selecting] the showcase you want to reset the commands on

    /sc hardreset:
    Deletes any duplicated armor stands in case of an emergency

    /sc tpid [ID]:
    Teleports you to the specified stand with that ID

    /sc reload:
    Reload your config!

    [Item]: Can either be ItemName: Data (with or without data), and also be hand. When you put hand in, the plugin will take your item in hand for the helmet.

    [selecting]: You have to right click one of your showcasing stands, and it activates the action after you have clicked on it.

    [CommandSender]: It can be either player or console. If none is given, it will be set to console by default. This is who will run the commands, and can be different for each command.

    [Command]: The command to run, and if it is being run by the console, a placeholder %player% can be used to input the player's name.

    (Type Changer): The command will change the type of your showcasing armorstand. The current existing stand types are:
    - Command
    - Slides
    You can only have one type for each stand.

    The one and only permission existing in the plugin right now is: standshowcase.admin
    I may add some more permissions in the future (unlikely)

    Code (Text):

    Rotation: 5
    Speed: 1
    Debug: true
    Sounds: 'Click'
      Type: Portal
      Data: 0
      Amount: 50
      Offset: 2.25
      CircleOffset: 1
    The configuration system will be one of the simplest you will find.
    [Speed]: How fast the item rotates (Speed is 1/20 of a second)
    [Rotation]: How much the item will rotate
    [Debug]: Whether or not you want the plugin to debug details in case of bugs
    [Particle Type]: The type of particle
    [Particle Data]: The data for the particle
    [Particle Amount]: The amount of the type of particle you want
    [Particle Offset]: The offset of the particle from the armorstand's foot
    [Particle Circle Offset]: The offset of the circle from the block

    - The slower the speed and the less the rotation, the more smoother it will rotate!
    - The offset is best at 2.25 if you want to put it above the block!

    I would be glad to put a video tutorial down. Please leave a comment in the discussion if you have created one!


    If you have bugs and feature requests, please post it in the discussions! Please never post it into the reviews! If you do so, I may not reply to your post, as they will demotivate me.

    Before you post a bug, check these things:
    - Correct Java version (8)
    - Latest version of the plugin

    If they are all correct, then you may go ahead and post it into the discussions with how you got the error, and screenshots if possible.

    In case of a plugin bug and you cannot remove the stands, please use the command:
    /minecraft:kill @e[type=ArmorStand,c=1]
    (This will remove the closest armorstand to you)

    Extra notes:
    Thanks for the and images @Teckky!

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    Hey continue the great work! I would like a feature to be added if possible that in each slide you can put a different command.
    1. BlazingBroGamer
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      I may add that in the future. It may be a bit difficult, so most probably I will take a long time on it
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    Good Plugin Add Items To Instead Of Just Blocks And Also Add Instead Of Clicking The The ShowCase Can i Do A SlideShow On Its On Like A Cycle? And Diffrent Holograms Each Time It Cycles Through? This Will Be A Great Feature Thanks :)
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    I have made a review like 1 month ago and this plugin seems to get better and better. Keep the awesome work man :)
    1. BlazingBroGamer
  9. Refornm
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      Thanks for all the good ideas! I will work on them when I get the time!
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