Star Wars Reborn 1.1.8

Adds items from the star wars series

  1. Star Wars Reborn Update 1.1.8

    - Changed arrow deflection from body to eye direction (Where you look the arrow goes)
    - Minor glitches fixed and performance increase
    - If you die while using the block feature of the lighsaber in keep inventory mode, the shield will vanish
    - If you leave the server while in block mode and then join back it'll remove the shield
    - When you die without keep inventory, then your lightsaber will deactivate and go back to a handle and the shield will vanish

    - Jedi Double Jump
    - Config.yml

    Bug Fixes:
    - While blocking with lightsaber it would delete items in your offhand, that is now fixed
    - Deactivating the lightsaber would delete any item in your offhand, now it only deletes the shield(Called the Block Item inside of code, it's just an item to make my life easier for coding reasons)
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