Stardust 0.3.2

Shooting stars with customizable loot

  1. Allymonies
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    • 1.16
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    A Minecraft plugin for customizable shooting stars with custom loot
    Config options should be pretty self-explanatory, using the default star types as reference.
    Custom Loot Information
    To add custom loot, you will need to create a loot table. To do this there are two options:
    Option 1
    This method is required for items that are enchanted or have other NBT. First create a datapack and then create a loot table. Set loot table type to chest, generic will cause errors. Then, just edit Stardust/config.yml and change loot_table to your namespaced loot_table (for example: test:test_loot).
    Option 2
    Using the config.yml templates for simple_loot_tables.common and simple_loot_tables.rare, define a custom simple loot table, for example, with the key test, and then for the star type, put the loot table as stardust:test to access that simple loot table.

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  1. Gustavo_Player
    Version: 0.3.2
    Hey, could you please update this plugin to the latest version? :3