Stargate 1.0 2019-04-15

Adds Stargates into Minecraft.

  1. legoman519
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    • 1.13
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    This Bukkit/Spigot plugin adds the Stargate and DHD into Minecraft


    There are currently 2 supported gates types in mossy cobblestone, a basic sqaure portal and a 7x7 round gate.

    Build a DHD 3-10 blocks away from the gate by placing a button ontop of a mossy cobblestone block. If you press on the button, a menu listing all avaiable Stargates will show. Click on a gate to teleport to it.

    If a Stargate is broken after creation it will disable any travel to and from the gate. Other DHDs will be able to see the gate, but will be sent a message notifying of the damaged gate.



    Lists the current Stargates.

    /createstargate (stargate name)

    Run this command while in a built Stargate to formally create it.

    /deletestargate (stargate name)

    Run this command while in the referenced Stargate to delete it from the config.


    * ~~Check for Stargate on both North/South and East/West axes~~
    * Teleport when walking through portal instead of using button
    * Customizable Stargate portal icon
    * Customizable Stargate material



Recent Reviews

  1. domin42
    Version: 2019-04-15
    i would really like to have a video tutorial on this as i haven't figured it out yet, but the plugin is a good idea