Stargate 10.8.1

The main revival of Drakia's port of Dinnerbone's customizable 2010 Hmod transport plugin, Stargate.

  1. Pheotis
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    Drakia, Dinnerbone, PseudoKnight, LittleBigBug, TheViperShow, Thorinwasher, Frostalf, InteriorCamping
    Languages Supported:
    German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Chinese
    Stargate is a plugin that allows for instant-teleportation between large distances, and even across servers.
    It is one of the most customizable transportation plugins ever made, and was designed with end-user creation in mind!


    Gates can be always-open or triggered, they can share a network or be split into clusters, they can be hidden on a network or accessible to everybody, they can be above ground or underwater, and much more!

    • Player permissions -- let players build their own (highly customizable) networks.
    • Vault economy support -- can add costs for create, destroy and use.
    • Capacity to add custom gates, as well as some pre-set examples
    • Translations and message customization support.
    • Nine different types (flags) of gates
    • Underwater portal support
    • Material tag support
    • This plugin was originally created by Dinnerbone for hMod in 2010.
    • It was ported to Bukkit by Drakia in 2011.
    • It was supported by Drakia until he dropped support in 2013.
    • After that, two main forks emerged:
      • A fork by TownyKingdoms was maintained until 2017.
      • A fork by PseudoKnight is still maintained.
    • In 2018, the LCLO, a non-profit, felt the need to fork PK's version for an upcoming temporary event
      • This is that fork.
      • The LCLO's fork fixed a few bugs with PK's upstream, added underwater portals, and updated the plugin to 1.15
    • In 2020, a major cleanup was provided by LittleBigBug
    • In 2021, a major refactor was provided by TheViperShow
    Code (Text):
    stargate.use -- Allow use of all gates linking to any world in any network (Override ALL network/world permissions. Set to false to use network/world specific permissions) -- Allow use of gates linking to any world{world} -- Allow use of gates with a destination in {world}. Set to false to disallow use. -- Allow use of gates on all networks{network} -- Allow use of all gates in {network}. Set to false to disallow use.

    stargate.option -- Allow use of all options
      stargate.option.hidden -- Allow use of 'H'idden
      stargate.option.alwayson -- Allow use of 'A'lways-On
      stargate.option.private -- Allow use of 'P'rivate -- Allow use of 'F'ree
      stargate.option.backwards -- Allow use of 'B'ackwards -- Allow use of 'S'how
      stargate.option.nonetwork -- Allow use of 'N'oNetwork
      stargate.option.random -- Allow use of 'Random' gates
    stargate.create -- Allow creating gates on any network (Override all create permissions)
      stargate.create.personal -- Allow creating gates on network {playername} -- Allow creating gates on any network{networkname} -- Allow creating gates on network {networkname}. Set to false to disallow creation on {networkname}
      stargate.create.gate -- Allow creation of any gate layout
        stargate.create.gate.{gatefile} -- Allow creation of only {gatefile} gates

    stargate.destroy -- Allow destruction gates on any network (Orderride all destroy permissions)
      stargate.destroy.personal -- Allow destruction of gates owned by user only -- Allow destruction of gates on any network{networkname} -- Allow destruction of gates on network {networkname}. Set to false to disallow destruction of {networkname} -- Allow free use/creation/destruction of gates -- Allow free use of Stargates -- Allow free creation of Stargates -- Allow free destruction of Stargates
    stargate.admin -- Allow all admin features (Hidden/Private only so far)
      stargate.admin.private -- Allow use of Private gates not owned by user
      stargate.admin.hidden -- Allow access to Hidden gates not owned by user
      stargate.admin.bungee -- Allow creation of Bungee gates
      stargate.admin.reload -- Allow use of /sg reload
    stargate.use Everyone
    stargate.create OP
    stargate.destroy OP
    stargate.option OP OP
    stargate.admin OP
    Here are some videos in various languages introducing users to stargate.

    Most of these videos are very old; some minor details may have changed.
    Note that the current version of StarGate is 0.10.x.x.

    ES Link
    EN Link
    FR Link
    DE Link
    DA Link

    Want to make an updated tutorial?
    Make a post on the thread with a link to your video!
    Custom gates are supported, and information on how to use them can be found in the Custom Gate Layouts section.
    Notwithstanding the above, by default, gates model nether portals:

    Code (Text):
       O  O - These are Obsidian blocks (use Sea Lanterns if underwater). You need 10.
       ■  ■ - Place a sign on either of these two blocks with the format shown in Sign Layout.
       O  O

    Sign Layout

    Line One: Gate Name
    What this gate will be called.
    • Has a limit of 12 Characters.
    Line Two: Destination Name [OPTIONAL]
    Where you gate goes.
    • Has a limit of 12 Characters.
    • If Provided:
      • The Gate Name of the portal you intend on traveling to.
      • Has a limit of 12 Characters.
    • If Omitted
      • The gate will become a Networked Gate that can be used (through a GUI) to access any (accessible) gate within the network on which it was created.
    Line Three: Network Name [OPTIONAL]
    The group of portals this gate belongs to.
    • Has a limit of 12 Characters
    • If Provided:
      • Defines the network the portal operates on, which implies the following.
        • This gate can only be used as a destination (fixed portals) if the paired portal is on the same network.
        • This gate will (by default) appear on any networked or random portals using the same network.
        • If this gate is a networked or random portal, it will be able to access any portal on the provided network.
    • If Omitted:
      • Functions in a similar way as provided, but substitutes the network with either:
        • If the created user has permission to use the default network (by default central), it will be used.
        • Else, if the user has permission to use a personal network, (their username), that will be used.
        • Else, if none of the above options are available, creating the gate will be denied.
    Line Four: Option Flags [OPTIONAL]
    Any unique properties of this portal; notwithstanding restrictions (to be mentioned), any combination of the following flags is acceptable (including no flags):
    • a Always-on gate (the gate is always on)
      • Must have a fixed destination
      • By default, do not appear on the network list.
    • h Hidden gate (the gate isn't accessible to its network)
    • p Private gate (only certain players can use this gate)
    • f Free gate (any defined costs do not apply)
    • b Backwards gate (you exit from the back)
    • s Showing gate (the gate shows on the network list).
      • Only applies to Always-on gates.
    • r Random gate (a networked gate that chooses a destination at random).
      • Must be always-on (strictly speaking, this is a subtype of always-on-networked gate).
    • u Marks gate as cross-server (bungee)
      • Will connect to gates on the same network but on a different (connected) server.

    Additional Notes
    Gate Networks:
    • Gates across different worlds/servers, but on the same network, will see each other.
    Hidden gates:
    • These gates are only visible to their creator, or someone with stargate.hidden
    Random Gates
    • When choosing an exit, random gates ignore any gate with the R, A, or S flag(s).

    Using a Gate:
    • If the gate is FIXED;
      • Right-click the activator to open it.
        • If above-ground, the activator is a button.
        • If below-ground, it becomes a dead coral fan.
      • Walk through the gate.
    • If the gate is NETWORKED;
      • Continuously right click its sign to scroll through destinations.
      • When you have arrived at your destination, right-click the activator to select it and open the gate.
        • As with FIXED gates, the activator will either be a button or a dead coral fan.
      • Walk through the gate.

    Economy Support:
    • Costs can be defined in two places; the configuration, and .gate files.
    • Costs defined in .gate files override those defined in the configuration.
    • The format for defining a cost via a .gate file is as follows:
    Code (Text):
    Note that MATERIAL NAMES (such as OBSIDIAN) can be found HERE.
    Note that (as of version 10.7, TAGS (such as #WOOL) can be found HERE.
    Normal Portals
    • You can create as many gate formats as you want; the gate layouts are stored in plugins/Stargate/gates/.
    • The .gate file must be laid out a specific way; the first lines will be config information, and after a blank line you will lay out the gate format.
    Here is the default nether.gate file:

    Code (Text):


    You will notice:
    • portal-open/closed are used to define the material in the gate when it is open or closed.
    • "X" is used to define block "types" for the layout (Any single-character can be used, such as "#").
    • "-" is used to define where the controls are (button/sign).
    • "*" is used to define the "exit point" of the gate; the block at which the player will teleport in front of.

    Underwater Portals
    • By default, portals do not function properly when waterlogged (built underwater).
    • To make an underwater gate, set the portal-closed value to WATER.
      • Note that this will replace the button with some coral.
      • The functionality remains the same insofar as you must right click said coral.

    Code (Text):


    Code (Text):

    default-gate-network - The default gate network
    portal-folder - The folder your portal databases are saved in
    gate-folder - The folder containing your .gate files
    destroyexplosion - Whether to destroy a stargate with explosions, or stop an explosion if it contains a gates controls.
    useeconomy - Whether or not to use Economy
    createcost - The cost to create a stargate
    destroycost - The cost to destroy a stargate (Can be negative for a "refund"
    usecost - The cost to use a stargate
    chargefreedestination - Enable to allow free travel from any gate to a free gate
    freegatesgreen - Enable to make gates that won't cost the player money show up as green
    toowner - Whether the money from gate-use goes to the owner or nobody
    maxgates - If non-zero, will define the maximum amount of gates allowed on any network.
    lang - The language to use (Included languages: en, de)
    destMemory - Whether to set the first destination as the last used destination for all gates
    ignoreEntrance - Set this option to true to not check the entrance of a gate on startup. This is a workaround for snowmen breaking gates.
    handleVehicles - Whether or not to handle vehicles going through gates. Set to false to disallow vehicles (Manned or not) going through gates.
    sortLists - If true, network lists will be sorted alphabetically.
    protectEntrance - If true, will protect from users breaking gate entrance blocks (This is more resource intensive than the usual check, and should only be enabled for servers that use solid open/close blocks)
    signColor: This allows you to specify the color of the gate signs. Valid colors:
    verifyPortals: Whether or not all the non-sign blocks are checked to match the gate layout when an old stargate is loaded at startup.

    debug: Whether to show massive debug output
    permdebug: Whether to show massive permission debug output
    • It is possible to customize all of the messages Stargate displays, including the [Stargate] prefix.
    • You can find the strings in plugins/Stargate/lang/en.txt.
    • If a string is removed, or left blank, it will not be shown when the user does the action associated with it.
    • There are three special cases when it comes to messages;
      • these are:
        • ecoDeduct=Spent %cost%
        • ecoRefund=Refunded %cost%
        • ecoObtain=Obtained %cost% from Stargate %portal%
      • As you can see, these three strings have %cost% and %portal% variables in them.
      • These variables are fairly self-explanatory.
    • The full list of strings is as follows:

    Code (Text):

    prefix=What is printed before every StarGate chat message
    teleportMsg=What is printed after one teleports
    destroyMsg=What is printed after one destroys a gate
    invalidMsg=What is printed if one tries to teleport to an invalid destination
    blockMsg=What is printed what is printed if there is a block in the way of their destination
    destEmpty=What is printed if one tries to use a networked portal within an empty network
    denyMsg=What is printed if one lacks permissions to perform an action

    ecoDeduct=What is printed when one uses a service for which a cost has been configured (placeholder %cost% available)
    ecoRefund=What is printed if one gets money back from having used a portal with the 'F' flag (placeholder %cost% available)
    ecoObtain=What is printed if a player receives money from a stargate they own (one of the configuration settings enables this)
    ecoInFunds=What is printed if one lacks funds to use a stargate service.

    createMsg=What is printed when one creates a stargate
    createNetDeny=What is printed when one tries to create a stargate on a network they lack access to.
    createGateDeny=What is printed when one tries to make a stargate of a design they lack access to.
    createPersonal=What is printed when one creates a stargate on their personal network.
    createNameLength=What is printed when one supplies a 0 character destination/network/gatename or one that is 13+ characters.
    createExists=What is printed when one attempts to name a gate something that already exists on their targeted network.
    createFull=What is printed when a network has reached its gate limit (configurable).
    createWorldDeny=What is printed when someone tries to use a stargate to travel to a world or server they lack access to.
    createConflict=What is printed when someone tries to make a stargate within a conflicting proximity of another gate.

    signRightClick=The second line of networked portals. (instructs player to right click the gate)
    signToUse=The third line of networked portals (usually overflow of first line).
    signRandom=The line of a sign that indicates a gate is of the random type.
    signDisconnected=The line of a sign that indicates a gate has no valid destination.

    bungeeDisabled=What is printed when one attempts to use BungeeCord features whilst it is disabled in the config.
    bungeeDeny=What is printed when one tries to make a Bungee Stargate whilst lacking permissions to do so.
    bungeeEmpty=What is printed when one attempts to make a BungeeCord gate without both a destination and a network (both required).
    bungeeSign=The first line of bungeeCord gate signs.

    Gate Libraries
    Want to see some examples of custom gates? Lucky for you, these servers have decided to publicly share their libraries!
    Have a library you wish to submit?
    1. Upload it somewhere.
    2. Make a post here
      1. Include a link to the library
      2. Include the library's name
      3. Include a link to the server that created it (optional).
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Recent Reviews

  1. Ghostmuffin
    Version: 10.8.1
    I have been using this since the beginning of time almost. The only bad thing is that the owner keeps changing / or updates disappear for a bit.

    By far the best portal plugin.
    1. Pheotis
      Author's Response
      Happy to see someone else that remembers the early days of SG!

      Since Dinnerbone and Drakia stepped back in 2011 and 2013 respectively, SG split into dozens of forks maintained by different devs.

      Earlier this year, most of those devs consolidated into a single project, complete with a core team. Now that we are attempting a full revival of the project, the plugin will (hopefully) be consistently and centrally updated for many years to come :)
  2. Ventoz91
    Version: 10.4.0
    Awesome plugin, working very well so far. My servers running most up to date at the time 1.16.5 Paper server with bungee cord running across multiple servers. I am able to access between the servers using permanent gates just as I wanted. Access across different servers is limited to permanent gates and cannot be used with network gates if this matters to you.
    1. Pheotis
      Author's Response
      Glad everything is working :)

      Historically, 'U' (legacy bungee) gates have always been limited to fixed connections. In the next major release, we are adding 'I' gates, which will have the protocol needed to fully support networked gates.
  3. Ghost_chu
    Version: 10.4.0
    Keep the awesome work!
    Easy to use, stable and fast, It's a good plugin absolutely
    1. Pheotis
      Author's Response
      Thank you!