Start Up Notice 1.0

Let everyone know when your server starts/stop.

  1. Nucker
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Source Code:
    Start Up Notice



    Code (Text):
    webhook-url: ""
    servername: "A Minecraft Server"
      startup: "{servername} is now online"
      shutdown: "{servername} is now offline"
    • /startupnotice - Shows plugin credits and links
    • /startupnotice reload - Reloads configs
    1. Press the download button on spigot
    2. You will be sent to the latest github release. Click the blue link that says
      Code (Text):
      (x.x being the version).
    3. The plugin will be sent to your downloads. Drag and drop it into your minecraft server's plugins folder.
    4. Now restart your server.
    5. Next go into the
      Code (Text):
      inside of the StartUpNotices folder within your plugins folder.
    6. You will need to provide your webhook url here. Go to the discord server and channel you plan to use.
    7. Then go to channel settings, intergrations, webhooks
    8. Create a new webhook, name it and give it a profile picture
    9. Finally copy the webhook url and paste it in the top of your config.yml
    If you run into any other issues or still need help, feel free to contact me via discord

    Please do NOT post bug reports/suggestions in the reviews. Instead you can use discord or github to tell me.

    Leaving a 5 star review is free and if you are using this plugin and you like it, it really helps me out!
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