StarterHut - Start with a place to stay! 1.0.0

Start your adventure right away by having an instantly-ready hut base!

  1. Emafire003
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    • 1.16
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    With this plugin you can start your adventure with a pre-built hut-base that you can either place, generate after an RTP (requires BetterRTP to be installed as well), or generate on first join after an RTP.
    The hut can be replaced by whatever schematic you chose by simply drag and drop it in the /schem folder of the plugin!

    The schematic can be biome-dependent (config option), so it will change depending in which biome it spawns. Because of this the schematic names have to be named after the wood type of the biome. (Like oak.schem, spruce.schem, birch.schem...)

    WorldEdit plugin
    Optional dependencies:
    - Vault
    - GriefPrevention
    - BetterRTP
    - WorldGuard

    description: Ability to create an hut using /hut create
    default: op
    description: Ability to create an hut at a specifc location using /hut createat x y z player worldname
    default: op
    description: Ability to give the HutItem at a player using /hut item <playername>
    default: op
    description: Ability to use the /hut help command
    default: op
    description: Ability to use the /hut reload command to reload the plugin
    default: op
    description: Ability to use the /hut getmode command to get the spawning mode used
    default: op
    description: Ability to use the /hut setmode command to set the spawning mode used
    default: op

    The plugin's messages can be changed in the config.yml under the language section

    #If you wish to spawn the structure with or without air
    use_air: true

    #If you want to change schematic according to biome
    biome_change: true

    #It can be "item" if you want the player to place an item and spawn the structure
    #"firstjoin" if you want the player to be teleported and the structure to be generated (requires BetterRTP)
    #"command" if you want the player to execute /hut create to be randomly teleported and the structure genereted (requires BetterRTP)
    #"all" to allow all modes.
    #"notjoin" all execept firstjoin
    mode: "notjoin"

    #Set this to false if you want to disable the message like "Structure generated at" in console
    generate_structure_console_message: true

    #See for a list of possible materials
    #If the item is invalid it will be set to be a Torch
    hutitem_type: "TORCH"

    #"&a" = no name. (it would be weird to have an unnamed item but still) (a can be every other color code)
    hutitem_name: "&eHut"

    #"" = no lore (non cancellare line1,2,3)
    line1: "&6Place this down in order"
    line2: "&6to spawn a beutiful"
    line3: "&6little hut!"

    #Will the permission "starterhut.create" be remove after the structure is generated? Requires Vault
    remove_permession_after_hut_generated: true

    #Set this to true if you want the player to get the permission to place the hut when they get the item for it
    give_permession_with_item_give: true

    #Y level below which you cannnot place structures (useful for preventing bedrock breaking)
    cant_place_under: 3

    #Language section (it could be moved to lang.yml in the future)
    prefix: "&6[&eStarterHut&6]"
    structure_generation: "&eGenerating the hut..."
    structure_generated: "&eStructure generated!"
    no_permission: "&cError! No permission to do this!"
    rtp_not_installed: "&cError! You are trying to use an RTP function without BetterRTP loaded in!"
    general_generation_error: "&cError! Could not generate the structure!"
    mode_not_enabled: "&cError! This mode is not enabled! Please select this option in the config!"
    error_running_from_console: "&cError! Cant run in console! Use /hut createat instead!"
    item_recived: "&eHere is your hut. Place it to spawn the structure!"
    vault_not_installed: "&cError! You are trying to add/remove a permission without Vault loaded in!"
    structure_gifted: "&6You recived an Hut!"
    already_claimed_territory: "&cError! You cannot place it here, since this terrain is already claimed!"
    griefprevention_not_installed: "&cError! GriefPrevention plugin not installed"
    reloading: "&6Reloading plugin..."
    reloaded: "&6Reload compleate!"
    setmode_to: "&6Setting mode to: &3"
    setmode_to_warning: "&6For some changes to be effective you will need to reload the server! \n &6Also, not really working as intended you will have to modify it by hand for now"
    provide_subcommand: "&6Please submit a subcommnd like /hut create"
    worldguard_not_installed: "&cError! WorldGuard plugin not installed"
    not_under: "&cError! You cannot place the structure at this height!"
    help_line1: "&6Use a subcommand such as /hut create to spawn an hut"
    help_line2: "&e/hut item <player> &6 to give to a player an hut item"
    help_line3: "&e/hut createat x y z player worldname &6 to create an hut in a specific place in a specific world for a player"
    help_line4: "&e/hut reload &6to reload the plugin"
    help_line5: "&e/hut getmode &6to get the current mode of the plugin"
    help_line6: "&e/hut setmode <mode> &6to set a new mode for the plugin"
    help_line7: "&dModes: &eitem: &6The hut can be spawned only from an item, \n&efirstjoin: &6Automaticly rtps a player and creates and hut the first times they join"
    help_line8: "&ecommand: &6The player will need to use /hut create to be rtped and to spawn the hut, \n&enotjoin: &6all modes except join, \n&eall: &6Every mode enabled"
    This is my first public plugin so it may have a few problems here and there but it should be good to go. Feel free to (politely) point out errors or problems with it on the Issue tab of the github repository.


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