Stats PvP 1.7

A Statistics Plugin with Ranking System and MySQL

  1. XelfeGamer
    Stats PvP
    An easy tool for your PvP Server

    - Custom Ranking System
    - MySQL
    - Configurable Messages
    - Custom Death Message
    - Chat Formatting
    - Ladder System

    - stats - Permission: stats.player
    - stats <playername> - Permission: stats.player.other
    - stats <add/set/take/> <kills/deaths> <player> <value> - Permissions: stats.admin
    - stats <reset> <player> - Permission: stats.admin
    - ladder - Permissions: stats.ladder

    - Vault
    - A Permissions Plugin
    - A MySQL DataBase





    I am very active, so i'll be outstanding at any doubts.
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Recent Updates

  1. Added Top Deaths
  2. Config Fixed
  3. Added Command Ladder

Recent Reviews

  1. JavyMC
    Version: 1.7
    You can put a PlaceholderAPI support please i need this plugin use
  2. Gasha
    Version: 1.7
    I don't like at all this plugin, affecting server performance to much, not async, developer didn't update this plugin for 3 years, its just showing how lazy he is + plugin not working on latest versions


    I don't recommend this developer to anyone, he is scammer, be aware of paying will most likely get scammed
    I spend more then thousand dollars on my plugins and, running server since 2010 and i been dealing with 50 developers 99% case i never had any problems and everything was perfect
    But last two developers was scammers (Onenrico, he scamed me for 150.00 USD & XelfeGamer for 15.00 USD) I was hiring developer to fix 2-3 simple problems in my premium plugin that only requires 15 minutes of work.. for 15.00 USD + adding on buyers list and contributor, plugin was already completely finished..XelfeGamer contact me that he is interested on working my plugin, i send him source code, add him on buyers list, give him 15.00 USD , i explain him how to create all fixes..i mention in hiring developer section to not contact me if he is working blindly, but actually he is working blindly, he never tested things, he work blindly, then just send plugin so i need to test, in start there was 2-3 bugs, then after he start working he created 10 mores, he never send me working version, i could say he made it even worse..i really needed that plugin because like i mention i am not developer my self but i take take of all users of my plugin..i always want to provide them fast support..i really needed plugin as soon as possible working, that was deal..he got paid but never send me working version or latest source code of MY plugin, i beg him to fix problems and even offered him more money, he accepted and promised that he will fix things, but didn't fix anything, he stopped answering its been almost 2 months since he contact me and get paid but never finished plugin (he knows about Critical Bugs/Erorros duplications that he created, but ignoring completely all of it)
    I don't care about money that this guy scammed me, but it really makes me angry that again some asshole wasting my time..i was temporarely banned for threating Onenrico when he scammed me for 150.00 USD (half year ago) so i won't threat you here but i can really suggest you to stop wasting people time, you have time to give advice everyday in developing section but don't have time to finish plugin that you been paid for..worst of everything that even if you didn't finish plugin you could send me at least latest source code so i can go find other developer, but no you decide to completely ignore things after being paid, not ever providing me source code so i'm not even able to find other developer to work on plugin.. if you just fixed those simple bugs i would pay you much more, i was ultra nice to you since begging and i call you bro whole the time, now i want to punch my self in throat for being so nice to someone who don't deserve my respect..i will purchase and hire developers for 100 more plugins in future be sure that i will mention you in every post, who knows how many people like me did you scammed..i know that onenrico scammed at least 10 people, but who knows how much you did..even if i'm the first who you scammed still won't get easy away with least people will know about what you doing its on them if they want to deal with scammer or not..i have so much positive experiences with some develoepers and only two bad with some like you and onenrico...remember you are the one who contacted me that you are interesting in fixing all bugs/errors
  3. Proting
    Version: 1.7
    Can you relate the ranges of this plugin to those of the permissionsex plugin??? Answer back please!!
  4. RedPool
    Version: 1.7
    Good Plugin . can you add API Plugin ??? Pleees !
    Version: 1.7
    Nice plugins
    But This plugins donot work for UUID

    I hope use UUID&name
    Please fix and upload

    Other system is very good
  6. Golicraft
    Version: 1.7
    Like the plugin ad its very useful
    server with 123 dayly
    PS > whats the command to give someone the points
    i have tryed allot
    /stats add Goli 5
    /Stats set Goli 5
    I dont understand (but when i write it no errors appeard?)

    Thanks for this awesome plugin
    1. XelfeGamer
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! And the command is /stats set <deaths/kills> <player> <value>
  7. SayHi2uTube
    Version: 1.7
    Add a whitelist for worlds? It would be very useful for hub or network servers. Much appreciated. Great job.
  8. enterih
    Version: 1.7
    When we can disable chatformating, than is this plugin very good and I can use it.
    Do you can do a compatible mode with Townychat?
  9. Marvin17005
    Version: 1.7
    I think this Plugin needs a Placeholder on Clip's Placeholder API for Plugins like Deluxechat :) I like the Plugin Pretty much! Can you add that we can customize the message: ' Player not in Database '? Thank you!
  10. AugustoSoto
    Version: 1.7
    Quit Mysql , i'm not like mysql support for a plugin :/
    Please, I need your help , please please :D
    1. XelfeGamer
      Author's Response
      Look if you have a suggestion you can contact me, here you review the plugin with my requirements, if you don't have a mysql just go for other plugin