Statscraft 1.0.8

Track Minecraft Server Analytics - Track players, location, version, sessions, and more.

  1. Statscraft

    is a powerful analytics platform.

    Simply download the plugin on the servers you want to track.
    Then through the dashboard, you can view detailed graphs and statistics about your new and returning players, the location of your players, client version, and more.

    Easily adjust the date range to view data over a specific time!

    Along with viewing your player-base statistics; You can also view your server health information. Such as CPU and RAM usage, TPS, and more.

    Getting Started
    Registration is a very simple process!
    1. Register on and add your server to your server list.
    2. When you add your server, you will get your secret server key. Download and install the plugin to your server.
    3. Finally, verify your secret key with /statscraft verify <server_key>
    That's it! Your server statistics will be rolling in shortly!

    Track Multiple Servers
    With Statscraft you can track analytics on multiple servers.
    Add your standalone servers or your entire network.

    You can invite other Statscraft users to view your analytics.
    So you can give your whole team insight as well.

    The latest plugin supports Spigot/Bukkit, and Bungeecord.
    Just install the plugin regularly on each server you want to track.

    Server Dashboard

    Your dashboard consists of many different sections.
    Here on the overview, you can see some of your general stats.
    • Use the Date Range selector to define a specific period to view.
    • View any range of data from the past hour to the past year.
    • Use the Server selector to easily switch between your servers.
    • With our paid plans, you get access to even more analytics.

    Server Usage
    With Statscraft you can track your server health and usage.
    Get detailed reports on CPU, RAM, and TPS usage.
    • Find the average CPU & RAM usage, and average TPS.
    • Find peaks and lows through the interactive graphs.
    • Filter the data by date and time with the Date Range selector.

    Player Count
    Know exactly how many players join your server.
    See new and returning players, and compare the two.
    • Find the peak day and time when your players join.
    • View how many players were on at any given moment.
    • Find the average number of players usually online.
    • Find the average playtime of new/returning players.

    Player Location
    Know exactly where your players are coming from.
    See player locations in many useful graphs.
    • Browse the world map to visualize popular regions.
    • See the top locations baked into a pie chart.
    • Find the location of where any player is from.
    • Filter popular locations by any date or time.

    Detailed Player Overview
    Get detailed statistics about all of your players.
    View username history, uuid, and skins.
    • Find playtime, average playtime, and the numberer of sessions.
    • View a punchcard of the most popular times they play.
    • Find the first day a player joined or the last.
    • Search through all of a players sessions. (See Player Sessions)

    Player Sessions
    Statscraft logs every individual player session.
    You can search through every single one of them.
    • Know exactly which days they were seen on your server.
    • See exactly how long they played during each session.
    • Find the location that they were playing from.
    • Get the version they were using during each session.

Recent Reviews

  1. holytroll
    Version: 1.0.8
    Nice! Now i can view all of my server stats on a website very convenient
    i like this xD
  2. feerko
    Version: 1.0.8
    There is no way to download a page. I can not put it on my own server. I don't like this. :)
    1. Statscraft
      Author's Response
      Hey feerko,
      Sorry to hear you're having trouble setting up Statscraft.
      We have helped hundreds of server owners just like you.
      If you need assistance please open a ticket in our support center and we'll be happy to help you.
  3. Verum
    Version: 1.0.7
    Fantastic stat tracking website, I've used a few in my time and this one comes out on top, it has some progress to make but I would 100% recommend it for small and large servers.

    Their pricing plan is fair and reasonable, allowing you to track up to 500 players for absolutely free so you get an idea of their platform and only costing $4.99 a month to increase that limit to 5,000 while unlocking additional tracking features. There is an option for unlimited players for the larger networks out there.

    Additionally they have a Discord server available for support, ticket system on their website and right here on Spigot, so if you need help you can get it.
  4. SrBas97
    Version: 1.0.7
    For bungeecord compatible? 100 characters D: -------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Sid_Engel
    Version: 1.0.6
    I've been using it with my server for a week now, and I'm very impressed.

    I wish that it could tell me my peak times(instead of having to calculate it myself), and displayed EST or something instead of military time...

    Overall, a great tool for analyzing player's and playertime on the server. Perfect for narrowing down which demographic you should be targeting.

    I love all the numbers!

    Keep up the good work!
  6. DarkBoomba
    Version: 1.0.6
    This is a fantastic plugin to monitor your server(s) remotely. Awesome design and great features. I'd love to see some extra ones such as a console, multiple accounts so that moderators can check new players but have no access to certain things. Also a ticket system would be fantastic. Overall a great project! A must have for servers in my opinion.
  7. GamerDuck123
    Version: 1.0.5
    Beautiful plugin! Just beyond words! I love it, helps me track everything that joins when I'm not on and just the over all server stats!
  8. Beem
    Version: 1.0.5
    Nice plugin bro i love it,
    looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeee it

    why i need to write 100 characters :(
  9. TheJackLC
    Version: 1.0.4
    Fantastic Developer, very helpful when coming across issues and is continuously working to bring us new and more exciting features :)
  10. WickedAmusingBus
    Version: 1.0.4
    Absolutely Amazing Resource.
    The Developer has obviously put in a significant amount of work, and it shows.
    I would 100% recommend this to any server owner.