Statz v1.6.2

The one-and-all plugin to record and store stats about any player.

  1. Staartvin
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
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    Statz is a simple plugin that, much like other statistical plugins, records data from all players on your server. It logs a lot of different data like how many times a player has shorn a sheep or how many times a player has killed another player. Statz makes use of SQLite, a local database, or MySQL, whatever database platform you prefer! You do not have to install any additional software to run Statz. Just plug it in your plugins folder and it will do its magic. Statz is made by Staartvin, also a developer on Autorank. This plugin was made with Autorank and other third party plugins in mind, so it is very easy for other plugins to obtain data from Statz's database.

    • records many different datasets of all players
    • plug and play: just drop the .jar in your plugins folder and fire up your server.
    • easily API implementation for third party plugins
    • very lightweight: even though Statz records tons of data, it is not demanding of your server's resources.
    • many different hooks for third party plugins, so Statz can obtain data from other plugins as well.
    • even tracks data from vanilla Minecraft statistics
    • both SQLite as well as MySQL support.
    • has native support for Placeholders!

    Statz is used by:
    • Autorank uses this plugin to keep track of statistics of players.

    What information does Statz record?
    • Player joins: how many times did a player join the server?
    • Deaths: how many times did a player die and on what world?
    • Broken blocks: what blocks did a player break and on what world?
    • Placed blocks: what blocks did a player place and on what world?
    • Damage taken: how much damage did a player take (and what's the cause) and on what world?
    • Distance travelled: how far has a player travelled and in what way? (by foot, by horse, by pig, by pig in minecart, by horse in minecart, by flying)
    • Eaten food: what kind of food has a player had to eat and on what world?
    • Crafted items: what kind of items has a player crafted and on what world?
    • Caught items: what kind of items had a player caught by fishing and on what world?
    • Mobs killed: what kind of mobs has a player killed and on what world (and with what weapon)?
    • Players killed: which players did a particular player kill and on what world?
    • Time played: how many minutes did a player play on the server and in what world? It tracks time played in each world.
    • Times shorn: how many times has a player shorn a sheep and on what world?
    • XP gained: how much XP has a player gained and on what world?
    • Votes: if Votifier is installed, Statz will track votes of players.
    • McMMO:
      • skill level: Statz will track the level of any player of any skill.
      • power level: Statz can track the power levels of players
    • AcidIsland:
      • island level: does a player have an island and what is their island level?
    • ASkyBlock:
      • island level: does a player have an island and what is their island level?
    • AFKTerminator:
      • afk: Statz checks whether a player is AFK according to AFKTerminator
    • EssentialsX:
      • afk: is a player AFK according to EssentialsX?
      • geo location: what is the GEO location of a player's IP?
    • Factions:
      • faction power: what is the faction power level of a player's faction?
    • Jobs:
      • current points: how many points does a player currently have in Jobs?
      • total points: how many points did a player obtain in total in Jobs
      • current xp: how much experience does a player currently have in a particular job?
      • current level: what is the current level of a certain job of a player?
    • OnTime:
      • play time: what is the play time of a player according to OnTime?
    • RoyalCommands:
      • afk: is a player AFK according to RoyalCommands?
    • Stats:
      • all data: all data that is stored by Stats can also be obtained via Statz.
    • UltimateCore:
      • afk: is a player AFK according to UltimateCore?
    • Vault:
      • permission plugins: what permissions plugins are running?
      • economy plugins: what economy plugins are running?
    • WorldGuard:
      • current region: in what region is a player currently?
    • GriefPrevention:
      • number of claims: how many claims did a player make?
      • number of claimed blocks: how many blocks did a player claim?
      • number of remaining blocks: how many blocks can a player still claim?
      • number of bonus blocks: how many bonus blocks did a player get to claim?
    • Do you want Statz to record more? Even data from other plugins? Contact me!
    For help or support, please create a ticket here:

    Wiki/API documentation
    The wiki (with API tutorial) is available here:

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Source code:
    Statz is fully open source and it can be found here:

    Dev builds:
    Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server.
    These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.

    I do not support dev builds. I may redirect you to a dev build to help test a new feature or check if a bug you reported is fixed, but use on a production server is highly discouraged. Those builds also do not provide the security that BukkitDev/Spigot offers.
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Recent Reviews

  1. KidTroid
    Version: v1.6.2
    Plugin is great, but why dont you add per world kill track :(
  2. Zaligan
    Version: v1.6.2
    Not being able to unhook from the 3rd party plugins causes me alot of issues. I'd prefer all data tracked coming only from plugins own database. Makes purging data impossible and hard to find where it obtains additional data.
  3. Wirusiu
    Version: v1.6.2
    where 1.17.1 ?
    where 1.17.1 ?
    where 1.17.1 ?
    where 1.17.1 ?
    where 1.17.1 ?
    where 1.17.1 ?
  4. Ns5x
    Version: v1.6
    NEEDs PlaceholderAPI support! Can't do much with this without PAPI support. .
  5. Rechtvh
    Version: v1.6
    Great Statz Data, now you just need to add the stats recorded as Place Holders in Placeholder.api please so we can use them in scorebords.

    Well done,
  6. Maximo0034
    Version: v1.6
    WHy in the f does it track DAYS at playtime? wthat the fuk blablablablalble yes y
  7. Lord_Junes
    Version: v1.6
  8. Alharu
    Version: v1.6
    Great plugin but why no 1.8.8 support? I think 1.8.8 support would be perfect if it comes.
  9. LuxisProchy
    Version: Statz v1.5.5
    Doesnt work at 1.13. Please update the plugin. I will chaange my review! Thanks!
  10. NL_Brian
    Version: Statz v1.5.5
    I cannot disable the Statz debug messages, they are spamming my console. If this can be fixed, I will change my review.