Statz v1.6.2

The one-and-all plugin to record and store stats about any player.

  1. Statz v1.6.2 - Hotfix

  2. Bugfix update

    If you're running Autorank you should definitely both run Statz and Autorank!

    Changelog can be found here.
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  3. Statz v1.6

    Changes from the previous version:
    • Use HikariCP as MySQL connection manager. This will not change anything for you admins, but provides a more stable connection to the SQL database used by Statz.
    • GUI of inventory has been improved significantly
    • Prevent error when storing commands that are too long in the database
    • It is no longer required to download PluginLibrary, as Statz will automatically load it from within its own source code. You can now...
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  4. Incremental update #2

    This release contains the following updates from the previous version:
    • There is a new option 'enable logging' that allows you to enable or disable logging behavior. By default, it is set to false.
    • The debug output is also disabled by default.
    • When right-clicking on the Statz GUI, the player will go back to the main menu. No more typing the command again!
    • Statz now longer keeps track of how far an arrow was pulled back before it was shot to preserve some space in storage....
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  5. Support for MC 1.14

    After a long hiatus, I'm finally back to update my precious plugins. This means I'll be updating PluginLibrary, Statz and Autorank all together. It also means that if you update one of them, you'll need to update all of them!

    This new update includes the following things:
    - Support for MC 1.14. It has not been tested on MC 1.13 and so don't try to use it on there.
    - It's good to know that Stats 5 has changed so drastically that I can't support it (yet). I'm looking into their new...
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  6. Update for Minecraft 1.13

    You never like waiting for plugins to update. That's why I quickly updated to Minecraft 1.13. Statz will now run on Spigot 1.13 servers! You can only run this version on MC 1.13 server software (so no Spigot 1.12.2).

    Before you upgrade, please do make a backup of your database! If you lose data, you can revert to the old database.

    Make sure to update PluginLibrary and Autorank as well!
  7. Small update

    This update resolves the issue that some people experienced due to the database not updating properly.

    It is therefore recommended to update!

    Note that I'll be preparing for the major 1.13 update that is due to arrive soon.
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  8. API update

    After some more testing, I found out that there were some issues with the API Statz provided to other plugins. Statz did not report the statistics of a player correctly to third-party plugins.This has now been fixed.

    If you are using Autorank, it is strongly recommended to update to this version.
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  9. A lot of bugs are squashed!

    I'm happy to say I got a new release for Statz with tons of bug fixes and new features. Here's a list:

    - Statz will not track NPC's anymore.
    - Updated Javadocs for developers
    - Statz will now try to autocomplete your command when you press tab when typing a command.
    - Statz does not use BungeeCord color anymore, hence it should be usable on other server software as well (Paper, Bukkit).
    - You can now change descriptions of statistics and configure a GUI icon (see the statistics...
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  10. Small update with a few bugfixes

    - Fix issue with Statz reporting errors when PluginLibrary was not installed.
    - Change command /statz migrate to /statz migrate stats3.
    - Fix Statz recording data of Citizens.