stChat 2.0.1

Cross-server chat channels

  1. RiotShielder
    A somewhat more complex plugin than what I've made before. This plugin will create simple chat channels. stChat relies on Vault for player prefixes.

    This plugin also works great with my other plugin, stTitles.

    • Java 8
    • Vault (Required for prefixes)
    • MySQL server
    • Any MySQL database viewer/editor (To edit channels)

    • Separate chat based on channels
    • Lock players out of channels based on permissions
    • Cross-server bungeecord chat

    • Change the content/color of all messages
    • Change the format of channels
    • Add as many channels as you'd like
    • Change the default channels for players

    • /stc join <channel>
    • /stc leave <channel>
    • /stc list (Planned)
    • /stc focus (Planned)
    • /stc reload

    • stChat.*
      • stChat.join (Use /stc join)
      • stChat.leave (Use /stc leave)
      • stChat.reload (Use /stc reload)
    The source is provided in the .jar file


Recent Reviews

  1. BadassDevelop
    Version: 2.0.1
    Works, but doesn't work with Factions. Could you please add FactionsUUID support to this plugin? I'll donate $5 if you do.
  2. 24763
    Version: 1.0.0
    This plugin is looking for a helll of a good future if this goes right, If you could hook this into DeluxeChat and Essentials you would get a hell of a lot of downloads.
    1. RiotShielder
      Author's Response
      Probably not something I'd add, I make my plugins for my servers and release them on Spigot for anyone who might find a use for them. It already integrates with my prefix plugin well, and that's really all I need for it to do.