stealthMC - Hardcore Games [1.8/1.15+] (Oldschool HG like MCPVP) 2.0.1

This plugins brings back the oldschool Hardcore Games for everyone but with new twists!

  1. Noplix
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    petomka, Noplix, JarFiles
    This will be filled with a lot more info later and it will also look "nicer" :,)

    For the moment, all you need to know that this is a Hardcore Games plugin, like Libs Hunger Games or Bukkit Games.
    The problem with those they are either outdated/buggy or just not usable for a server(I'm not saying this one is either... the 1.15 version has a lot of bugs to be fixed ^^)

    Anyways, if you want to have a Gamemode that you can play with up to 100 players or even more, this is the right mode for you.
    It also works good with a small playerbase! The border size does automatically adjusted to the number of players that are on their server, which means, the more players are on, the bigger the world/gameplay area will be!

    In the picture below you can see some sneak peek of the features we have, this post still misses a lot of information, pictures, descriptions!
    Just give me a bit of time to update this post, so you guys can see it's worth giving a try ^^

    If you would want to help, please don't hesitate and shoot me a PM! You can get access to the source if I deem you "trustworthy", the source will be publicly released at some point anyway!

    Test Server IP:
    Code (Text):


    Discord Server:
    Discord Tag: Fundryi#3574


    Kit Menu:

    Example Kit Description:

    • Permission to use /hg
      • hg.command
    • Permission to use /hg keepworld
      • hg.command.keepworld
    • Permission to use /hg timer
      • hg.command.timer
    • Permission to use /hg respawn
      • hg.command.respawn
    • Permission to use /hg build
    • Used for /hgsettings to view current game settings
      • hgsettings.overview
    • Used for /hgsettings to change settings
      • hgsettings.admin
    • Permission to join the game at any time but ending phase.
      • hg.join_running_games
    • Permission to rejoin games after initial start if phase allows for it.
      • hg.rejoin_games
    • Permission to spectate games after death
      • hg.spectate_games
    • Permission to automatically respawn in games when gamephase allows for it.
      • hg.respawn
    • Permission to use /health
    • Permission to use /hunger
      • hg.command.hunger
    • Used for various stuff, e.g. being able to break blocks placed by Kits
    • Overrides for /spawn and /sspawn
      • hg.gameadmin
    • Used for /publicchat to message everyone when dead
      • hg.publicchat
    • Used for /gm or /gamemode
      • hg.gamemode
    • Used for /spawn
      • hg.spawn
    • Used for /sspawn
      • hg.sspawn
    • Used for /pvp to toggle PVP in the given world/game.
      • hg.pvptoggle
    • Used for /hh and will give you full Food/Health
      • hg.hh
    Code (Text):

    • petomka
      • He was the main developer I paid for this project, he did all the "big brain" stuff xD! Really good dev but he dropped this project after some time. He did like 95% of this plugin.
    • JarFiles(Just)
      • Updated the plugin to 1.15 but left before fixing all bugs xD
    • Noplix
      • I mostly added kits and "fine" tuned settings as much as possible.