StealthsFakeOP 2.0

Troll plugin!

  1. Stealthasarus
    Stealths Fake OP!
    This is a very small, lightweight plugin that allows the player to use the command, /sfakeop and /sfakejoin. When the command /sfakeop is executed, the target player will receive a message telling them that they have been opped! And when the /sfakejoin command is executed, it will say IN chat, (Playername) Has joined the server. This is just a simple troll, plugin. Please leave comments and feedback on what you thought about the plugin. This is one of my very first java plugins. Enjoy!

    fakeop.sfakeop Allows the player to use the /sfakeop command.
    fakeop.sfakejoin Allows the player to use the /sfakejoin command.

Recent Updates

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