SteamMC 0.2

Steam for Minecraft! Easy Plugin & Game management

  1. Team-KeeCode
    SteamMC - THE Plugin Store

    For personal support about SteamMC add me on Skype: Team-KeeCode

    Note: Don't worry about .tk domain. I'll buy a real domain when the project is online :)

    Whats SteamMC ?
    SteamMC is a better Plugin Store for Minecraft. It follows the Steam principle. U select a plugin u like on our Website. It's being added to your account . In your Server Manager (Webinterface) u can add it to the your servers. You can add it to every Server, or just to one, just how you like it.

    What's about updating ?
    Updating is even easier than before. You don't have to check this site for new SteamMC updates. Or check our Websites for game updates. SteamMC checks everything for u. U won't even have to download anything. SteamMC does the job as well. You'll just have to reload/reboot ur server for enabling the updates. In future SteamMC will update without rebooting or reloading.

    Some nice feature:
    SteamMC features a perfect ErrorHandling System. As soon an error occur, a error report is generated and automatically published to SteamMC API Servers. Instead of some nasty stack traces (A big block of errors in console) you will see a nice formatted SteamMC Error Report.
    At the end of the SteamMC Error Report is a link:<Number>/

    There you can review you error. Soon you can see if it's fixed in a new version.

    And the best thing: Every plugin can use it! Developers out there: U can use SteamMCAPIs in your plugin!

    Ok now you might think: Why download this if there are no plugins on the store yet ?
    Answer is simple: I'll release some basic games on SteamMC.(Ex. The new iPaint, Quake, RageStage, and more).

    Everyone can release plugins on SteamMC. You can do too. We'll provide NMS Code access without using NMS. We'll provide a big range of version support. We'll provide you a platform for releasing better plugins. Together for an easier administration of servers.

    Download will give u a weird output. It's the raw file. Download only for tricky users atm. Cause SteamMC is in Alpha.