Steel 1.3.7

An extensive minigame engine for Bukkit

  1. Steel v1.3.6

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    Steel v1.3.6 provides initial support for Minecraft 1.13, as well as backwards-compatibility measures for legacy platforms. This support is still a work-in-progress, and as such may be incomplete or unstable. Please report any problems on the issue tracker, especially those pertaining to rollback.

    Please also note that rollback logs generated under Minecraft 1.12 are incompatible with 1.13. Typically this will not be an issue, but rollback logs can be preserved across restarts in case of a server crash or something similar. Please use caution when updating to Minecraft 1.13 for the first time.

    New Features
    • Add support for Minecraft 1.13
    • Add compatibility layer for older Minecraft versions
    • Record serialized block data in rollback log
    • Switch from MCStats to bStats
    Bug Fixes
    • Properly catch all exceptions thrown when adding a player to a round
    • Fix note blocks set to sharp notes not being rolled back properly
    • Fix invalid rotation, facing, and art data hard-failing on rollback
    • Remove compatibility layer in rollback engine for Minecraft versions older than 1.8
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