StepCounter 2015-03-28

Counts steps!

  1. BoonMeneer
    This plugin is made by: BoonMeneer (A starting developer!)
    My server: (Just started!)
    Please let me know what you think about this plugin, I think it's pretty cool. I have to say i did this by a tutorial of: Pogostick29dev
    But i edited it a little bit, I think i did a pretty good job for my first plugin.
    If you want the texts different please let me know and I'll send you the costum plugin!

    I want this to add in the future:
    Config file so you can edit the text!


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Recent Reviews

  1. JordyPwner
    Version: 2015-03-28
    Good plugin if this is your first plugin!

    I suggest to make a config so u can change the text?
    1. BoonMeneer
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much!
      I don't know how to do that yet.. xD