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#Free Optimizied ScoreBoard + Hex support!

  1. SternalBoard | Update

    Hello, a kick & simple fix (Reported memory leak)

    By forcing to remove Board. (Fixed)
  2. SternalBoard | Update

    Hello! i fixed TOGGLE issues (But command sucks a bit)

    It will be like this untill i change the api system.

    To enable it /sternalboard:toggle
    To disable it /sternalboard:toggle toggle

    Also, improved the code.
  3. SternalBoard | Update

    Hello guys!

    Today i did a epic update, fixing issues (Removing a lot of codes without a proper)

    Improved PreJoinEvent (Now scoreboard appears instantly even if u are lag) - This incluides fixed ExploitFixer, issues.

    Also added a toggle option in config.yml

    Maybe next update will have 2 version (One for 1.7 x 1.16) and other for (1.17-1.17.1x)
    Not sure, maybe i can fix those bugs of this new version.
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  4. SternalBoard | Update

    Hello guys, today I have made a very acclaimed update "TOGGLE scoreboard", (Tested in 1.16.5 x 1.17 I don't know if it goes in previous versions)
    If you are not going to create a ticket, apart from that I have improved the code & removed unnecessary things to improve performance (Also I have updated the api to 1.16.5).

    Removed: [Debug Mode - not necesary, added softdepend]
    - PlayerJoinEvent nulled also.
    - Ticks -(0)
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  5. Improved SternalBoard!

    Hi guys:

    I've been busy lately, and I don't have time to do updates (although there are no bugs, and I can't think of anything to add) if you have any "good ideas" add me to discord: xIsm4#9127
    So simple update:
    Improved main thread (Now just save's configs/events + api)
    Nulled PlayerQuitEvent (To avoid future bugs mostly for next updates)
    Fixed PlayerCache.
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  6. Fixed Hex Issues

    Well, i am here tomorrow ill fix the Toggle issue rigth now im so bussy.
  7. Addes the claimed "Scoreboard togglin"

    Well, i am so bussy so it's a very basic toggle commands with some issues but will be fine until I have time and come back.
    (If u have any problem just dm me)
  8. Fixed 1.7 - 1.15 issues.

    Hello guys! Im here again fixing a little issue that got reported today:
    ( 1)


    Tested today from 1.7 to 1.15:


    Do u need support?
    Okay, just add me ill be fastest as i can: xIsm4#9127
  9. Improved main thread + added more info

    Hey!, im here again updating this resource :>
    ( 1)-'
    Some people sayd me to add more info so i did it, also i removed commands from main thread.
    Also fixed spigot update ping.
    Do u want to see the code or made a pull-request?

  10. Added debug mode + fixed length-spam

    Hello!, this update i added Debug mode to SternalBoard.

    With this I intend to make it easier for new people who get into spigot to make a server:
    It's a simple bug under 1.15 version, this it's caused by lengths got exceded by RGB default config.yml, so i putted it for 1.15 below versions. (U can use the rgb web specified on SternalBoard plugin page.