Steve's Series | Fancy Drops 17

This plugin lets you customize how your dropped items look in the world

  1. Hakaze
    Version: 16
    Plugin still works after today's small update. No in-game changes and still works fine, no errors so far.
  2. Hakaze
    Version: 13
    Ignore the 1-star reviews, the people who wrote them clearly did not install the plugin properly.

    Use need to download the Kotlin library plugin that the author provides in order to use this plugin.

    The plugin works incredibly smoothly and without any lag or errors on PaperMC 1.16.5. It's not tested on other forks of Spigot I think, so if it doesn't work on x version, then it's incompatible and you should report it in discussions, not in the reviews section.

    The author has been incredibly responsive and if you're leaving 1-star reviews, then you have not been communicating or trying to talk to them and lying through your teeth.
    Here's what it looks like when you install the plugin correctly and you're using a compatible version of Spigot or Spigot fork.
    Here is my config.yml to remove any "x1" "x64" stack holograms to achieve just having the 3D items without nametags.

    Hope this helps, and please talk to the author about errors or incompatibilities in the Discussion tab instead of using the reviews to do so. That's just bad ettiquette and rude.
    1. TSEngineer
      Author's Response
      That's very good to hear, but the issues are meant to be reported on the issue tracker on GitHub
  3. KhrysAK47
    Version: 10
    I was excited to see a plugin of this kind being released, but got disappointed after trying it, and even more disappointed after trying to contact the developer for support.

    The plugin does not work properly, spams console, errors on startup, and so on, if it works for you then good luck.

    The problem is that the developer is not interesting in assisting people and fixing issues, I reported all the errors above that clearly state the plugin has errors in it, and the developer said ''It works fine for me, so it's your issue'' and my issues on GitHub got closed letting me know that this won't be looked into.

    I consider that very unprofessional therefore my review here is 1/5.

    I hope the plugin can get better with time as well as the attention to the users.
    1. TSEngineer
      Author's Response
      Well, I've tried it myself and I've had no problems with it. I've closed your issue on github because you've both started a conversation with me on SpigotMC and opened an issue there. I've also asked you a question, but never got a response. I've never said I am not going to help you
  4. Hakaze
    Version: 7
    Author finally came back and updated the plugin. From what I can see so far, it works amazingly well now! No lag, the nameplates are removable by editing it in the config, and everything including drop animation works smoothly! Had a question on how to do the nameplate thing and he answered quickly :D
  5. lelik_01
    Version: 2.0.3
    This plugin does not work well. Sometimes, when the prop disappears, the textures from the prop remain. Textures with an invisible stance are deleted using the command: /minecraft:kill @e[type=armor_stand]. And yet this plugin eats up server performance. I'm not recommend and do not advise this plugin.
  6. Stefanus
    Version: 2.0.2
    Good idea for a custom animation of dropping items! I like the idea and how they lying on the ground..
  7. lokka30
    Version: 2.0.2
    This is an excellent idea. Does exactly what it does on the cover. It enhanced the RPG theme I'm going for - such a simple mechanic actually had pretty good effect.

    However, due to issues this presents - which aren't the developer's fault - I've stopped using it. For example, zombies trying to pick up items, the mechanic being very annoying when mining, and a few others. If these issues won't bother you, definitely throw it in the plugins list.

    I appreciate the development, TSEngineer! Good luck :)
  8. Chistian95
    Version: 2.0.2
    Great idea! Could be awesome for an rpg-style server. I love it! I'll use it for an upcoming project I'm making :D
  9. jiuyan233
    Version: 1.2
    Can i carry your plugin to the website?Thannk you. Because your plugin is very good.
  10. lightPlugins
    Version: 1.2
    Not that, what i wanted. The natural Item drop is disabled. Now if you break a block, it will spawn a miniature block from it with a horrible "drop" animation.