Steve's Series | Kotlin 1.6.20

Provides the Kotlin standard library. Both Bukkit and BungeeCord compatible

  1. TSEngineer
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    • 1.18
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    Provides the next Kotlin libraries: kotlin-stdlib, kotlin-reflect, kotlin-serialization, kotlinx-serialization-{json,protobuf,cbor,properties,hocon} and kotlinx-coroutines-core. No package relocation.

    To use this plugin in your project, you only have to add the Kotlin libraries you wish to use as (assuming you're using Gradle) compileOnly dependencies. This plugin is only required at runtime, but it is still may be often necessary to add the plugin to the "softdepend" of your plugin, as otherwise the Kotlin libraries won't be available when the plugin is disabled (for example, during the execution of the onDisable method). I do not recommend adding it to hard dependencies ("depend"), as not doing so allows you to support multiple different plugins that provide Kotlin, by adding them all to "softdepend" instead. If your plugin does not have any tear down logic (onDisable), then you may not even include the plugin in soft dependencies ("softdepend"). To use this plugin in SS-BukkitGradle, see an example here.

    This plugin is also hosted on the Steene Public repository.

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  1. Kotlin 1.6.20