stHalloween 1.0.2

Trick or treating, pumpkin mobs, and more!

  1. RiotShielder
    stHalloween is meant to provide a spooky atmosphere on your server in the spirit of Halloween. It includes various features, as well as trick-or-treating that you can use as an event for the holiday!

    • Java 8

    • Trick-or-treating, fully configurable
    • Play scary sounds to all players at a configurable interval
    • Spawn zombies/skeletons with pumpkins for helmets, configurable
    • Spawn temporary bats when hitting zombies/skeletons, configurable

    • Change the content/color of all plugin messages
    • Trick-or-treating can be changed to your liking, like where the doors are, what rewards your players can get, and how often they'll get tricked
    • Anything/everything is able to be disabled

    • /sth reload

    • Sounds
      • Enabled: Whether cave sounds should periodically play to everyone online
      • Frequency: How often sounds should go off, in minutes
    • Bats
      • Enabled: Whether 3 bats should be spawned when zombies/skeletons are hit by players
      • Invulnerable Time: How long bats should be invulnerable after spawning, in seconds
      • Duration: How long bats should live after spawning, in seconds
    • Trick-or-Treat
      • Enabled: Whether players can trick or treat
      • Invulnerable Time: How long villagers/witches should be invulnerable after spawning, in seconds
      • Duration: How long villagers/witches should live after spawning, in seconds
      • Witch change: Chance of a player being tricked, 10 means a 10/100 or 10% chance

    Treats/Tricks Config
    • Chance: How many times a trick/treat should be entered into the list of possible tricks/treats, a higher number means a higher chance. Avoid larger numbers as this could lag your server
    • Command: Command to run if this trick/treat is chosen
    • Name: Display name for the treat

    A note about trick-or-treating, players can trick-or-treat at every door once per day, this isn't configurable as it'd be too much of a hassle to really change, and I feel that for most people, it works fine like that.

    Doors Config
    Example config for the doors section

    • stHalloween.* (All permissions below)
      • stHalloween.reload (Use /sth reload)

    The source is provided in the .jar file


Recent Updates

  1. Fix commands
  2. Add smoke particles
  3. Finish features

Recent Reviews

  1. caalul3
    Version: 1.0.2
    Good plugin. The bats are not working on my survival server, don't know why tho, but they do work on my test server.