Stickman's Spells! 1.0.5

Who said you need a Hogwarts degree to become a wizard?

  1. stickman561
    Who Needs a Magic Degree? Just Wave the Wand and Shout Out Gibberish. It'll Work... Eventually. - Stickman561

    Stickman's Spells is a plugin designed for wizard or RPG servers. In a nutshell, it adds magical spells to minecraft.


    There is no configuration necessary.


    /cast <spellname> - Used to cast spells.


    help - list the spells.

    mana - kills you. (It's a prank for the really n00b guys.)

    bolt - causes lightning to strike where you are looking.

    break - breaks the block you are looking at.

    dirty - converts the block you are looking at into dirt.

    smelt - smelts the ore that you are looking at.

    melt - converts iron blocks or ore that you are looking at into lava.

    saturate - converts clay that you are looking at into water.

    ignite-block - sets fire where you are looking.

    bang - creates a weak explosion around you.

    grow - super bonemeal!

    cow - spawns a cow where you are looking.

    fireball - shoots a fireball.

    poop - leaves a trail of uncollectable cocoa beans behind you.

    firetrail - leaves a trail of fire behind you.

    smokecloud - makes a cloud of smoke around you.

    openchant - put OP sword enchantments on any item in your hand.

    skyarmy - get a whole lot of BUDDER.

    update - updates the plugin.

    vanish - provides you with invisibility only when you move, causing a slightly frightening flickering effect. Good for use with Herobrine plugins.

Recent Reviews

  1. SuperTruperHans
    Version: 1.0.5
    Items that are too long on the ground
    poop is the best of this plugin.

    Smelt and melt is generate a error. look with MC 1.8.8

    1. stickman561
      Author's Response
      Thanks for telling me, it's not yet been ported to 1.8.8, but I thought that it would still work.