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Learn programming languages while you're on minecraft!

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    • 1.13
    • 1.14
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    StigosOnline -

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    StigosOnline is a plugin that lets you learn HTML, CSS, javascript & lots more all on Minecraft, we also have additional features to other plugins.

    :) We are still in BETA, so older versions such as 1.8-1.12, will be tested in the nearby future, however, though in our GitHub page you can find additional information & on our spigot page.

    :coffee: Remember! To let users use the commands they must either have op or have the permission "help.use", if you have any problem with it please DM the owner on Discord.

    :giggle: To find the discord invite link you're able to check out our GitHub,
    we will be updating our GitHub to have additional downloads.

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