StockMarket [BETA] 1.3.0

Allow players to buy/sell stocks in game

  1. 1.3 - Stock Placeholders

    - Addition of stock placeholders, this allows you to display info on a specific stock on your scoreboard, on signs or anywhere else where PlaceholderAPI placeholders can be displayed.

    %sm_sd-<symbol>-<point>% - Display various pieces of information on a stock. You may get N/A the first time you attempt to use one of these placeholders on start-up, this happens until the data is loaded in.

    Available Points:
    name - Example: %sm_sd-ba-name% - Return the full company name.
    volume - Example: %sm_sd-ba-vol% - Return the stock's volume.
    cap - Example: %sm_sd-ba-cap% - Return the stock's market cap.
    server price - Example: %sm_sd-ba-sp% - Return the stock's server price.

    In the above examples, BA is used as the stock symbol, BA is the symbol for The Boeing Company.

    * NOTE, the prefix for the placeholder has changed from stockmarket to sm, so if you were previously using the portfolio value placeholder, you need to update it to sm. This was done to make it easy to accommodate longer text on signs. *
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