Stockpile 2.0-alpha.1

A lightweight caching server for the Mojang API

  1. Akkarin
    Stockpile is a lightweight caching server for the Mojang API which handles all important aspects for you automatically.

    Note: This page is no longer maintained, check against the project's GitHub page to find the latest version of this application.

    Key Features
    • Customizable Caching Levels
      Customize caching periods for profiles, display names and properties.
    • Comprehensive REST API
      Available in JSON and XML
    • Session Handshake Proxying
      Allows you to automatically update the cache when using compatible server software
    • Scalable Implementation
      Using the PostgreSQL database server
    Installation & Configuration
    Please follow our Installation Guide and refer to the Configuration Guide on the project wiki.

    Stockpile is entirely open source and available under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0 (additional terms may apply to the embedded third party dependencies; refer to the library listing for more information).

Recent Updates

  1. Bugfix Release
  2. Go Update