sTools v1.8.0

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  1. PascalFranke

    sTools is a plugin made by a german plugin coder (me). But anyways, here´s an english description for this plugin. It´s pretty basic but maybe very useful. This plugin brings added many small but useful features! There is a small Essentials replacement and brings things like for example a Command Heal! I hope you like my little plugin!

    • /sTools - This command will show you all available commands!
    • /gmc - Set your gamemode to Creative!
    • /gms - Set your gamemode to Survival!
    • /gma - Set your gamemode to Adventure!
    • /gmspec - Set your gamemode to Spectator!
    • /fly - Change your flight mode!
    • /clear - Clears your Inventory!
    • /heal - Heals you!
    • /feed - Feeds you!
    • /clearchat - Clears the local chat!
    • /clearchatglobal - Clears the global chat!
    • /sreload - Reload the Plugin!
    • You can add a custom Join Message!
    • You can add a custom Quit Message!
    • You can add a custom Join MOTD Message!
    • You can customize these Messages using a Config!
    • sTools.gms - Allows /gms
    • sTools.gmc - Allows /gmc
    • sTools.gma - Allows /gma
    • sTools.gmspec - Allows /gmspec
    • - Allows /fly
    • sTools.heal - Allows /heal
    • sTools.feed - Allows /feed
    • sTools.clear - Allows /clear
    • sTools.clearchat - Allows /clearchat
    • sTools.clearchatglobal - Allows /clearchatglobal
    • sTools.sreload - Allows /sreload
    I will add more commands :) This plugin is just an experiment, but, hey - I wanted to share it with you!