StopIt English 1.2E

Server Stop Announcement

  1. f3rd
    StopIt für 1.8+
    Ein Server Restart-Announcer

    German version:

    English Version:

    This plugin supports you to inform your users about an upcoming server restart.
    You can set your server credentials in configuration. Feel free to join plugin discussion and rate with * * * * * if you like it. ;)

    • Inform users about an upcoming restart.
    • 1 Minute before restart, the server posts a message every 20 secs.
    • World-Save System
    • Configurable auto server-stop
    • Permissions

    • stopit.announce
    • stopit.ignoreOnKick

    /stopit now
    /stopit reload
    /stopit cancel
    /stopit [time to restart] [reason]
    /stopit help


    Screens out of the german version.. ;)


    Features to be implemented...

    • Whitelist toggle - DONE
    • Countdown in Chat
    • Countdown in Level-bar
    • English Language Support - DONE
    • [your idea here] ;-)

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  1. major changes / bugfix

Recent Reviews

  1. terryF
    Version: 1.2E
    Tested the english version as well..
    Nice work, man. After version 1.2 it seems to be bug free.

    WELL DONE!!!
  2. Idkwhy
    Version: 1.2E
    Thanks for the share! I will be using this on my server from now on :)
    1. f3rd
      Author's Response
      Yea, nice to hear. Could you add information on how to improve the plugin, since you rated it with 3/5 stars?

      Thx in advance.