Stopwatch 1.0

Timing made easy

  1. OBitzs
    Stopwatch plugin
    Timing made easy

    What is this plugin?

    This plugin gives you the ability to use an in game stopwatch. that will look like this :


    Awesome if you would be having a build contest and you wanted to time it or maybe you have another purpose for it?

    What can it do?
    • Start a timer.
    • Pause a timer.
    • Toggle the timer.
    • Configure the scoreboard and the time.
    • Broadcasts message when timer ends.
    • Show online players.

    Code (Text):

    # Time in seconds
    # Made by OBitzs
    time: 600
    time-format: "&6[&e<min>:<sec>&6]"
    players: "&3Players:"
    end-broadcast: "&cThe timer has ended!"

    Why this plugin?

    It is a lightweight plugin, The scoreboard is not lagging. everything is configurable. And there is no advertising

    The player line is in the scoreboard cause you can't have just a title.

    • /start the time in the title of the scoreboard will start counting down.
    • /pause the time in the title of the scoreboard will be paused.
    • /toggle Running this command once will hide the scoreboard. running this again will show it again etc.
    • timer.control The player with this permission has acces to the commands /start and /pause
    Minecraft 1.8

    Bugs? If you find a bug please contact me.

    Known bugs: When you remove this plugin the scoreboard will stay in the worlds that you used it in (the scoreboard will not be working just frozen). There for I made a forum post on how to fix this here :

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    Version: 1.0
    Any way to add custom messages, such as a custom title? Other than that, i could see a lot of HCF servers using this plugin.