Stormer's Chairs 2.2

A simple plugin allowing you to sit on specific block types

  1. stormer3428
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
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    Stormer's Chairs

    A small, simpe yet working Chairs plugin allowing for the use of any block type as a chair.​

    To sit on a block, simply right click on it without sneaking and with an empty hand. Allowing for a "normal" minecraft experience when building a roof for exemple, whereas some plugins will make you sit on every stair and prevent you from building.

    ^^Check out my discord server for support and updates!^^

    Setting up

    Simply drag the plugin in the plugin folder of your server and restart/reload the server. (or use things such as plugman)


    • - /chair add <optional blockname>

    this command can be used one of two ways :
    - look at the block you want to add
    - specify the block you want to add (/chair add oak_stairs for exemple)​

    • -/chair remove <optional blockname>

    just like the add command, it can be used one of two ways :
    - look at the block you want to remove
    - specify the block you want to remove (/chair remove oak_stairs)​

    • - /chair list
    As for permissions, for not the plugin only requires to be op or have the "chairs.admin" permission.

    i will implement a proper permission system if there is the demand for it as i dont expect this plugin to blow up.

Recent Updates

  1. Prevented breaking of the chair
  2. 1.18 port
  3. Fixed a simple bug

Recent Reviews

  1. sergservis
    Version: 2.0
    Great plugin. Make it impossible to break the ladder while the player is sitting on it
    1. stormer3428
      Author's Response
      All done! whenever a player sits on a block it will be unbreakable. (my apologies for not seeing your comment sooner)