Stormer's Disasters 0.4.1

Summon disasters and custom mobs in your world!

  1. Stoppable apocalypse

    Fixed bug B015
    Added the possibility to stop Apocalypse disasters
  2. Stoppable disasters updates

    Modified the config to allow the customization of ALL arrowrain disaster paramaters
    the disasters.ArrowRain.types parameters works as a 100 percentile
    Removed Dev feature left implemented when should've been removed
    Added new weapon : Last Stand Sword (The lesser the health the more damage it deals)
    Fixed Bug B010
    Fixed bug B014
    Fixed bug B011
    Added a new command : /disasterStop <optional, disastertype>
  3. Bug Fixes And reimplementation of older disasters

    Renamed the messager from FrozenSnow to StormersDisasters
    Fixed bug B002
    Added new parameters to the Config File :
    KFC's will now check in radius around them for chickens, if there are more than the cap they wont spawn a new chicken maxPerWorld defines the maximum amount of KFC's in a single world
    Fixed bug B002a
    Fixed bug B002b
    Improved internal structure by using more static accesses
    Tidied up main class by creating a "Utils package"
    Submitted to one of Utso 's requests and added...
  4. Bug Fixes

    Fixed bug B004 Arrowrain disaster when caused by an apocalypse generates continuous errors

    Fixed bug B004a MeteorStorm disaster when caused by an apocalypse generates continuous errors

    Fixed bug B006 The disasterItems Commands does not respond

    Fixed bug B006a The disasterSpawn command does not respond

    Fixed bug B003 The plugin name cannot be loaded on some instances due to an invalid character

    Fixed bug B005a The Tab Completer for the disasterSpawn command is not responding

    Fixed bug...