StrikeFollow 1.5

Follow & AutoWatch Players (Only for StrikePractice)

  1. Ahmedwalmoh
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    this plugin is a simple made plugin to Watch or Follow Players when they join a game (Auto) which only works with StrikePractice.

    StrikePractice plugins is the only needed plugin!

    how to use SrtrikeFollow?
    Simply add it to your plugins folder and restart your server

    (RED isn't done - GREEN is done)

    - Adding a API

    - Making customizable messages
    - Adding PlaceholderAPI Support
    - Adding some new messages by every action the player does
    - Adding a good config

    - Making some new GUIs

    Commands & Perms
    Permission: StrikeFollow.use
    Description: follows a specific player

    Permission: StrikeFollow.use
    Description: unfollows the followed player

    Code (Text):

    Log Player Actions: true
    Logged Actions:
      Fight Start: true
      Fight End: true
      Party Create: true
      Party Disband: true
      Kill: true
    Code (Text):

      Spectate Stop: <prefix> &c<player> stopped spectating the fight
      Spectate Start: <prefix> &c<player> is spectating a fight
      Fight End: <prefix> &c<player>'s fight has ended
      Fight Start: <prefix> &c<player> has joined a fight
      Party Disband: <prefix> &c<player> disbanded the party
      Party Create: <prefix> &c<player> createted a party!
      Kill: <prefix> &c<player> has killed the player <killed>
    Logs Prefix: '&9[&cLOGS&9]'
    Auto Unfollow: '&cThe player <player> has disconnected and you auto unfollowed him'
    Unfollow fail: '&cCouldn''t unfollow <player>'
    Unfollow: '&aUnfollowed <player>!'
    Follow fail already following: '&cYou are already following <player>'
    Follow fail not in lobby: '&cYou must be in the lobby without being in a queue to do this command'
    Follow fail not found: '&cCouldn''t find a player with that name!'
    Follow: '&aStarted following <player>!'
    - API Instance
    Code (Text):

    StrikeFollowAPI api = StrikeFollow.getAPI(); //To get the API
    api.isFollowing(player); //returns a boolean if the player is following another player
    api.getFollowersList(player); //returns a ArrayList<Player> with the following players (can be null if the player isn't followed by anyone)
    api.getFollowing(player); //returns the player that is followed by player
    api.forceFollow(follower, followed); //forces player follower to follow player followed
    api.forceUnfollow(follower); //will auto unfollow the player if he is following any players
    api.forceUnfollow(follower, followed); //will make the player follower unfollow player followed if he is following him
    - PlayerFollowEvent
    Code (Text):

    PlayerFollowEvent#getFollower(); //Returns the Player who followed another player
    PlayerFollowEvent#getWhoIsFollowed(); //Returns the Player who got followed
    - PlayerUnfollowEvent
    Code (Text):

    PlayerUnfollowEvent#getUnfollower(); //Returns the Player who unfollowed another player
    PlayerUnfollowEvent#getWhoWasFollowed(); //Returns the Player who was followed
    Feel free to contact me on Discord
    or here in a SpigotMC Conversation

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  1. Korbsti
    Version: 1.3
    Very nice plugin, easy to use
    1. Ahmedwalmoh
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review :)