stServerMessages 2.0.1

Modify death messages, join/leave messages, tab header/footer, and much more!

  1. RiotShielder
    This plugin is meant to change many of the default Minecraft server messages to be colored and customized, it also has a few 'essential' commands, announcers you can use for tips and shop ads, and more!

    • Java 8

    • Set server list MOTD (Random value selected from a configurable list)
    • /say command
    • /me command
    • Block/disallow commands
    • Set join/leave messages
    • Set tab header/footer
    • Custom death messages
    • Periodic announcements

    • Change the content/color of all plugin messages
    • Hide death messages of a player after they die frequently in a small period of time
    • Customize frequency of announcements, and when death messages should be hidden


    Periodic announcements/tips

    Custom tab headers/footers

    Using /say

    Using /me

    Custom join/leave messages

    Custom death messages

    Blocking commands (Like /op, /pl)

    • /say <message>
    • /me <message>
    • /stsm reload

    • stServerMessages.* (All permissions below)
      • stServerMessages.say (Use /say)
      • (Use /me)
      • stServerMessages.preferences (Set the preferences for announcements)
      • stServerMessages.reload (Use /stsm reload)
      • stServerMessages.commands (Use disabled commands)

    The source is provided in the .jar file

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Recent Reviews

  1. MatsCraft1
    Version: 1.5.4
    Really good! Plz add ActionBar then it would be perfect!
    but /me and /say are Vanilla commands?
    ehhm can u explain that to me? =))))
    1. RiotShielder
      Author's Response
      ./me and ./say allow you to change the format of how the messages appear
  2. Bealedon_Dev
    Version: 1.1
    Tienes Que Poner Una Foto De El Plugin =)

    You Must Put A Picture Of The Plugin =)