stShards 2.0.4

A unique end-game survival mechanic

  1. RiotShielder
    stShards helps remedy an issue many SMP servers run into after being in existence for long period of time, keeping players engaged with goals to achieve.

    stShards adds in a new type of upgrade you can apply to any gear you allow. With each shard applied to your items, they grow more powerful, and with shards being difficult to find, it helps keep your players with something to do and goals to reach.

    How It Works.jpg
    Special items known as Storm Shards drop at a very low rate when ores, stone, or obsidian are mined, as well as when hostile mobs are killed by a player.

    These Storm Shards are able to be used at a defined location, probably at your server spawn, where players can right-click a block with the item they'd like to upgrade while having a Storm Shard in your hand. The Storm Shard will be taken from the player, and the players item will be upgraded by one tier.

    After upgrading, the item now does more damage to players/mobs, or allow the wearer to take less damage from players/mobs. Each tier further increases the damage modifier.

    A Storm Shard

    stShards requires the following
    • Java 8
    • Spigot 1.8.8

    stShards commands
    • /sts reload (Reloads config.yml and messages.yml)
    • /sts help (Shows information on how stShards works)

    stShards permissions
    • stShards.*
      • stShards.use (Use Storm Shards to upgrade weapons)
      • stShards.find (Find Storm Shards when breaking blocks/killing mobs)
      • (Use /sts help)
      • stShards.reload (Use /sts reload)

    The default configuration should work well enough for most servers, the only thing that needs to be changed is under Upgrades > Location. This should be set to the location of the block where you'd like your players to be able to upgrade their items.

    In the config.yml file, you can change just about every aspect of the plugin. You can modify how Storm Shards drop, what item they are, the lore/display name of them, etc. You can modify what items can be upgraded, as well as the multiplier for each tier they are upgraded to. You can add as many tiers as you'd like as well.

    A few important notes
    • Chances are based on decimals, 1 is a 100% chance, .1 is a 10% chance, .01 is a 1% chance, etc.
    • A list of all possible materials is shown here
    • Not all configuration options are functional yet (Namely break/fail chance, upgrade item glowing, amount of shards required per tier)

    Default config.yml
    Default messages.yml

    Plugin source available on GitHub and inside of the plugin .jar

    This plugin is licensed under the GNU GPL v3 license​

Recent Updates

  1. 2.0.4 - Update to 1.11
  2. 2.0.3 - Fix NPE
  3. 2.0.2 - Update to 1.10

Recent Reviews

  1. eMuffin
    Version: 2.0.3
    At the moment, it feels rather broken. The config to add a block is very awkward, and there should be a command. Also when using /sts, it states that the possible commands are %args%. Fix the messages and add a command to set the Storm Shard block.