SubServers 2 2.15.2a

The Server Management Platform

  1. ME1312
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:

    Code (Text):
    Chest UI (in-game only):      /sub
    Help:                         /sub help
    List:                         /sub list
    Version:                      /sub version
    Reload: (console only):       /sub reload [all|config|templates]
    Info:                         /sub info [proxy|host|group|server] <Name>
    Start Server:                 /sub start <SubServer>
    Restart Server:               /sub restart <SubServer>
    Stop Server:                  /sub stop <SubServer>
    Terminate Server:             /sub kill <SubServer>
    Command Server:               /sub cmd <SubServer> <Command> [Args...]
    Sudo Server (console only):   /sub sudo <SubServer>
    Create Server:                /sub create <Name> <Host> <Template> [Version] [Port]
    Update Server:                /sub update <SubServer> [Version]
    Delete Server (console only): /sub delete <SubServer>
    Q: SubServers.Bungee won't load in the plugins folder!
    A: SubServers.Bungee is NOT a plugin, but a runnable jar (therefore it won't load in a plugins folder)

    Q: SubServers.Bungee says BungeeCord.jar doesn't exist when it clearly does in the same folder!
    A: You may have to patch SubServers into BungeeCord if this happens to you. Use this tool as directed on a machine that meets the requirements of SubServers

    Q: The add-on hangs when bungee stops!
    A: Make sure you have "-Djline.terminal=jline.UnsupportedTerminal" between "java" and "-jar" on all SubServers

    Q: Why can't I use /sub on my SubServers?
    A: That's because /sub is console-only, therefore it cannot be used by players. However, SubServers Client will supply this functionality for you.

    Q: SubCreator says it can't download from <website url>!
    A: If this is the case you may not have access to download the materials subservers uses to build your server with. Make sure your machine meets the requirements of SubServers

    *The templates included with SubCreator may not work on all systems
    • If you used a shared host this might be against their Terms Of Service: Use at your own risk
    • By using SubCreator, you agree to the Minecraft End User License Agreement
    • Spigot and BungeeCord jar files are not included with this plugin

    Reviews are not the place to report bugs or ask for help.
    Please use the GitHub Issue Tracker, our Discord Server, or the Discussion Section.

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Recent Reviews

    Version: 2.15a
    Actually dont know why this doesnt have more downloads and reviews then it already does, makes setting up multiple servers sooooooooooo easy and management is so unbelieivably satisfying, cause it just works. Genuinely an amazing plugin for any network big or small :)
  2. Compieter
    Version: 2.15a
    With the new update for paper and the new command for updating servers this is probbaly the best server manager you can get for linux and windows.
  3. Minetoday356
    Version: 2.13.2d
    Best fucking plugin ever been using it since 2017; I had a small issue but that was my fault. 10/10 would recommend using this to get the most out of a mc server host.
  4. _xXSchrandXx_
    Version: 2.13.2c
    A great plugin, nice support, perfect for larger networks. Easy to set up, highly configurable.
  5. Justugh
    Version: 2.13.2a
    The automation update is nice, it makes things a lot easier. It's a nice update.
  6. DuckCaller
    Version: 2.13.1a
    - Great customization
    - frequent updates
    - Great support (compared to every other plugin)
    - Overall easy to deal with
  7. DaNiEl_PLL
    Version: 2.12.1f
    At first I had troubles then then I messaged the developer on discord and they helped me almost instantly! 5/5 Stars!
  8. iSach
    Version: 2.12.1f
    Amazing plugin! Easy to use, intuitive and very very helpful! Thanks ME1312 for it!
  9. Hiiva
    Version: 2.12.1f
    5/5 Now its easy to do BungeeCord network with this! Great "plugin" XD Its not plugin d:
  10. DNFCentralo
    Version: 2.12.1f
    This is a great idea! Would be even better if you made it so plugins can be loaded and unloaded from a users control panel and it makes the creator of the server OP automatically, and you are able to configure plugins in-game.