SubServers 2 2.13.2d

The Server Management Platform

  1. The 1.13 Update (Pre-Release 3)

    This update fixes compatibility with newer builds of the Waterfall fork of BungeeCord and some other plugins.

    Ways compatibility was improved:
    • SubData no longer uses org.json where other JSON libraries are provided
    • SubCreator's Vanilla patch tool now works in Java 9 and 10
    • SubAPI now has more ways of detecting compatible Minecraft versions
    • SubServers now keeps BungeeCord's versioning info intact when patched with the latest patch tool
    • SubServers now uses Waterfall's proprietary console handler when available (Unfortunately, this means that you will not be able to use /sub sudo on newer builds of Waterfall. The last Waterfall version to support BungeeCord's standard console was Build 145 for 1.12)
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