SubServers 2 2.13.2d

The Server Management Platform

  1. The 1.13 Update (Pre-Release 4)

    This update feels like the very first pre-release to meeeeeeeeeee~!

    That's right, we now have a tested version of SubServers 2 for BungeeCord/Spigot 1.13-pre7! It's hard to believe that it's been 7 months since I began making changes in preperation for this release, but here it is.

    Changes in this version are slim since I already had most of the work done, but they include:
    VanillaCord Launcher: Future-proofing SubCreator's vanilla patch tool by continuing development myself.
    • Removed exclusive 1.13 command validator code (Unfortunately, there is currently no API for server-side argument validation right now)
    • Slight changes to the default templates' build scripts
    • SubServers now prints all the necessary information for debugging when using /sub version
    • Builds of frequently updated SubServers apps are now signed using a unique Snapshot ID (which is displayed on snapshot builds of SubServers)
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