SubServers 2 2.13.2d

The Server Management Platform

  1. A Random Update

    This update has a bunch of little changes to make SubServers better. This release is not network compatible with the previous release, so you will have to make sure all your SubServers apps get updated.

    What's new in this version
    • Rewrote /sub info to make it more useful
    • Proxies now have a bigger presence throughout SubServers when using 2 or more
    • SubServers.Sync can now sync over commonly altered BungeeCord config values
    • Stopping a server or kicking users server-side will now send them to the fallback server (unless they were actually on the fallback server) when force_default_server is enabled.
    Auto-Restart has been replaced with Stop-Action (See Configuration)

    Fixes in this version
    • Add support for the new WaterfallConsole revision
    • Fixed a syntax issue with wget in SubCreator (delete the Templates folder to get this fix)
    • Look for the old Gson location when using older Bukkit/Spigot builds

    For Developers
    • There is now a proper API for the client side apps (See SubAPI.class)
    • SubServers.Host is now built on GalaxiEngine 3 (which means plugins now go through that)
    • The SubServers dataset download packet has been separated by type
    • Only send the reload packet when the API is ready to be called
    • Packets now have better support for transferring raw binary data
    • Packets are now converted MessagePack instead of JSON before they are sent
    • Packet handles are now namespaced
    • The Temporary flag has been replaced with a StopAction value
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