SubServers 2 2.15.2a

The Server Management Platform

  1. The 1.13 Update (Pre-Release 1)

    This update rolls up all the changes I've been making recently, along with partial support for features in future versions of minecraft. Starting with this update, SubServers will become more dependent on the minecraft version it determines it's running on. If you experience issues related to this, you can start SubServers addons and/or your servers with the argument: -Dsubservers.minecraft.version=<version>. Additionally, this update will require you to update all of your SubServers add-ons because of the changes to SubData.

    Major Changes:
    • Added partial and untested support for minecraft version 1.13 (making this a pre-release)
    /sub reload can now perform a soft-reload (only stops the servers you changed and only if the change is considered major internally)
    • SubServers.Bungee and SubServers.Sync are now officially compatible with RedisBungee
    • SubServers.Bungee and SubServers.Host may now attempt to shutdown servers when they are unexpectedly closed (not guaranteed to work every time, but it's better than nothing)

    SubData Changes:
    • SubData packet handles are now case-insensitve
    • SubData now encodes all data in Base64, not just encrypted data
    • Packets can now be encrypted through custom ciphers via the new SubData Cipher API
    • PacketIn can now accept multiple oncoming packet versions (just override .isCompatible() to check for them)
    • You can now use the % wildcard in the SubData Whitelist (usage examples: 192.168.0.%, %.%.%.%)
    • Packets are now queued until connection is authorized

    Internal/API Changes:
    • The Lang API has been rewritten for better use by other plugins
    • Rewrote the internals of the Group system
    • SubServers.Sync Proxies are now tied to a name for API access
    • SubServers.Client instances can now be linked via SubData connection address and server port number
    • The Server API no longer overrides BungeeCord's methods/fields for MOTD and Server Restriction
    • Host & Server objects are now signed (prevents possible desyncs)
    • SubServers no longer needs to overwrite modules.yml (SubServers command overrides can be turned off in the config)
    • The version library now supports layered versions
    • Updated Dependencies (JSON/SnakeYaml where provided)

    Minor Changes:
    • New download page and upper thread design (better explains SubServers and it's features)
    • SubCreator now requests the proper version of Git Bash for your system in the default config (32 vs 64 bit)
    • UI now hides some menus that would otherwise show empty lists (for example, hiding the Group/Server section of the list command when no groups are available)
    • SubServers further rewrites BungeeCord's signature when SubServers.Bungee.Patcher is detected
    lang.yml has been updated with a new, but still familiar look
    • Yaml files no longer get scrambled when SubServers saves to them
    • Fixed bug where permission is denied on files opened by SubServers on Windows
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