SubServers 2 2.15a revision 3

The Server Management Platform

  1. The Environment Update

    This update makes SubServers even more configurable than it was before. Additionally, this update also should have better memory performance than previous versions of SubServers.

    The new environment
    For the first time since it's inception, the SubServers executable command handler has been updated. Now, commands are executed in the environment of the system (cmd on windows, sh for anyone else). Additionally, there are custom variables injected into these environments specific to each SubServer that you may use in your scripts (for SubServers) (for SubCreator).

    What else is new in this version
    • The /sub restart short-hand command has finally been added
    /sub stop and /sub kill can now stop all servers using the wildcard character: *
    • SubCreator now uses the full-fat Executable command to launch scripts instead of just a file location
    • Windows users can now use the bash and sh commands in the Executable option
    Log-Creator is now a per-host config option
    • Console-only commands now have tab completes
    • Outdated copies of the default templates no longer get loaded by default

    Fixes in this version
    • SubServers can now properly terminate child processes on Windows
    • SubServers now handles symlinks correctly
    /sub sudo overrides the log option again like it should
    • Moved logging flags to their own variables in SubServers.Host (fixes possible errors with multi-threading)

    For Developers
    • Threads created by SubServers are now properly named
    • There are links where necessary to SubServers' main dependencies in the Javadocs
    • Players can now be whitelisted through the API when using the restricted option
    • The Executable class has been rewritten to be more useful
    Util now has short-hand methods for reflection
    Version is now a type embedded into YAMLConfig
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