SubServers 2 2.15a revision 3

The Server Management Platform

  1. The 'It's Not Quite 2.14' Update

    This update fills a gap where the more feature-packed 2.14 isn't ready yet but an urgent fix is required for anyone wanting to use SubServers.Client in Minecraft 1.14.

    So until then, let's just keep using the 2.13 versioning. What could possibly go wrong? Besides, 1.14 shouldn't be used in production servers yet anyway, right? ;)

    What's new in this version
    • You can now space out Run-On-Launch servers using Run-On-Launch-Timeout
    • There's a fancy new warning ping message for when your back-end servers are known to be offline

    Fixes in this version
    • Fixed something that broke in 1.14
    • Fixed an issue related to changes in version formatting within the Sponge Web API
    • SubServers who are known offline are now invalidated as options for fallback when a server goes down
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