SubServers 2 2.16a

The Server Management Platform

  1. 2.15 with a Twist! with a Twist!

    As you may know, SubServers works by overriding a portion of the section of BungeeCord that deals with server information. It has come to my attention recently that some forks of BungeeCord distribute this info internally slightly differently, though. (cough, Waterfall, cough, cough)

    This revision forces the default BungeeCord behavior for server info distribution by further overriding that section. Also, it could help some more of the plugins that weren't designed to work with SubServers work with SubServers.

    Revision versions of SubServers typically offer an important fix or two and nothing more, while retaining 100% compatibility with the previous version.
    This revision applies only to SubServers.Bungee and SubServers.Sync.
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