SubServers 2 2.17a

The Server Management Platform

  1. Even Java has betrayed us...

    This release is not network compatible with the previous one, so make sure to keep your SubServers Apps up-to-date.

    It seems that recently a good portion of newcomers to SubServers have been experiencing an error related to a "malformed argument" with an embedded quote. This update is to resolve that issue.

    It was a little tough to pin down. It only happens in newer Java updates, and from there, you can only see it in some forks of BungeeCord (including the official one). It turns out that its actually a new restriction that Java has placed on apps that launch processes. An official explanation is available on Oracle's website.

    Aside from that, this update also contains a newer version of SubData that uses a potentially faster way of handling its control characters.
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