SubServers 2 2.17a

The Server Management Platform

  1. The Power Management Update

    An Anniversary Edition!

    This release roughly marks 5 years of SubServers. Did you know?
    -> The very first version of SubServers (Classic) was 1.8.3a in the middle of 2015.
    -> The first version of SubServers 2, the rewrite, was 2.11.2a at the start of 2017.
    -> The rest of the family of apps as they are now were released not too soon after; later that year.

    Like usual with these major versions, this release is not network compatible with the previous one, so make sure to update all your SubServers Apps when you decide to update.

    The Power Management Update
    Exactly two years ago, SubServers 2.12.1e introduced the concept of grouping servers together. Since then, it could be used to do... well, nothing. But that changes now.

    Introducing the redesigned command and permission format. You can now select multiple servers using a comma separated list, a group they belong to, or a host that provides for them in a single node/command. For detailed information on the new format, visit this shiny new wiki page.

    SubCreator File Replacement
    As plugins tackle more complex issues, they require more metadata in their configs. SubCreator can now provide that metadata to them by making replacements of specific variables in specific files. Although it won't do so by default. To see how to take advantage of this new functionality, see the updated SubCreator wiki page.

    Additionally, SubCreator can now replace old/modified server files with newer/fresh template files when updating a server. Again, though, it won't do so by default.

    On BungeeCord Fork Compatibility
    In the update notes for the SubServers 2.15a revisions, you may remember that BungeeCord has recently changed some of their internal methods regarding server object creation — and that was a big problem for us.

    Since then, we have actually found a fix for this problem. So, you don't have to keep track of all those messy version numbers anymore to use SubServers.

    But wait, there's more
    • The server-side teleport command /sub teleport has finally arrived (from SubServers Classic!)
    /sub delete is now available on the other console-based apps
    • SubServers.Host can now load local templates from ./Templates
    • Removing a default template's Version property will now keep it from being updated
    • The driver BUILT-IN is now known as VIRTUAL
    • SubCreator will now install a properly signed version of SubServers.Client
    • Fixed /sub reload templates for redownloading template files (for SubServers.Host)
    • Fixed /sub reload for reloading template.yml files

    For Developers
    • The RemotePlayer Data API is now available
    • The SmartFallback API has been rewritten to become more useful
    • The "Master" Proxy can now be requested by name
    • SubData 2 and GalaxiEngine have been updated
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