SubServers 2 2.16a

The Server Management Platform

  1. Major Update

    This update contains many fixes and changes. It is recommended that all users update to this version.

    Existing users should watch the updated tutorial for how to setup the proxy properly for this version.

    • Switched Stats collection from to
    • Updated Version classes
    • Rewrote stats collection class
    • Switched GUI Trigger Item from Names to IDs
    • Added Shared Chat Feature
    • Fixed an issue where there are two lobby servers in /go
    • Creator can now alter the settings in eula.txt and
    • Fixed some Creator bugs
    • Updated Config File
    • Updated Language File
    • Upon Getting kicked it now shows the message in chat
    • Fixed "/Sub Reload"
    • Re-added legacy command "/Sub TP"
    • Updated Tutorial
    • Many minor changes/fixes
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