SubServers 2 2.16a

The Server Management Platform

  1. The Power Management Update

    An Anniversary Edition!

    This release roughly marks 5 years of SubServers. Did you know?
    -> The very first version of SubServers (Classic) was 1.8.3a in the middle of 2015.
    -> The first version of SubServers 2, the rewrite, was 2.11.2a at the start of 2017.
    -> The rest of the family of apps as they are now were released not too soon after; later that year.

    Like usual with these major versions, this release is not network compatible with the previous one, so make...
  2. Even Java has betrayed us...

    This release is not network compatible with the previous one, so make sure to keep your SubServers Apps up-to-date.

    It seems that recently a good portion of newcomers to SubServers have been experiencing an error related to a "malformed argument" with an embedded quote. This update is to resolve that issue.

    It was a little tough to pin down. It only happens in newer Java updates, and from there, you can only see it in some forks of BungeeCord (including the official one). It turns...
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  3. 2.15 with a Twist! with a Twist!

    As you may know, SubServers works by overriding a portion of the section of BungeeCord that deals with server information. It has come to my attention recently that some forks of BungeeCord distribute this info internally slightly differently, though. (cough, Waterfall, cough, cough)

    This revision forces the default BungeeCord behavior for server info distribution by further overriding that section. Also, it could help some more of the plugins that weren't...
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  4. 2.15 with a Twist!

    So, it seems that BungeeCord made some changes to ServerInfo that broke the SubServers apps that are based on it this week. This revision serves to remedy that issue. The solution came with some quirks, though.

    Versions of SubServers older than this one will not be able to run on versions of BungeeCord above #1444.
    Versions of SubServers like this one and newer will not be able to run on versions of BungeeCord below #1445.
    The current version of SubServers as of this writing...
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  5. The 2.14 update?

    Where is that 2.14 update?

    Well, as the keen-eyed among you who went searching for it have noticed, 2.14 has been available in a stable state for ages in the form of snapshot builds, while 2.13 stuck around as something of an LTS build. This release structure doesn't really make sense for SubServers, though, so we'll be returning to the regular release format after this version.

    This release is not network compatible with the previous release (2.13), so you're going to have to get...
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  6. The 'It's Not Quite 2.14' Update

    This update fills a gap where the more feature-packed 2.14 isn't ready yet but an urgent fix is required for anyone wanting to use SubServers.Client in Minecraft 1.14.

    So until then, let's just keep using the 2.13 versioning. What could possibly go wrong? Besides, 1.14 shouldn't be used in production servers yet anyway, right? ;)

    What's new in this version
    • You can now space out Run-On-Launch servers using Run-On-Launch-Timeout
    • There's a fancy new warning...
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  7. The Environment Update

    This update makes SubServers even more configurable than it was before. Additionally, this update also should have better memory performance than previous versions of SubServers.

    The new environment
    For the first time since it's inception, the SubServers executable command handler has been updated. Now, commands are executed in the environment of the system (cmd on windows, sh for anyone else). Additionally, there are custom variables injected into these...
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  8. The December Stability Update

    We've fixed some things
    • Internal loggers now tie up loose ends properly
    • Access rules for restricted servers have been corrected
    • Fixed an NPE regarding SubServers.Client and auto-detecting the server link
    • SubServers.Client should now be unaffected by server-side chat modification plugins
    • SubServers' lang.yml now supports the expandable \u{...} JavaScript Unicode escape...
  9. The Automation Update

    This release has a focus on allowing SubServers to do more of the work for you. There are new configuration options available for the new features.

    SubServers just got smarter
    • It can forward your ports for you (only when UPnP is available)
    • It can pick it's own port number in SubCreator
    • It will choose a fallback server based on...
  10. A Random Update

    This update has a bunch of little changes to make SubServers better. This release is not network compatible with the previous release, so you will have to make sure all your SubServers apps get updated.

    What's new in this version
    • Rewrote /sub info to make it more useful
    • Proxies now have a bigger presence throughout SubServers when using 2 or more
    • SubServers.Sync can now sync over commonly altered BungeeCord config values
    • Stopping a server or kicking...
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