SubServers 2 2.13.2d

The Server Management Platform

  1. The 'It's Not Quite 2.14' Update

    This update fills a gap where the more feature-packed 2.14 isn't ready yet but an urgent fix is required for anyone wanting to use SubServers.Client in Minecraft 1.14.

    So until then, let's just keep using the 2.13 versioning. What could possibly go wrong? Besides, 1.14 shouldn't be used in production servers yet anyway, right? ;)

    What's new in this version
    • You can now space out Run-On-Launch servers using Run-On-Launch-Timeout
    • There's a fancy new warning...
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  2. The Environment Update

    This update makes SubServers even more configurable than it was before. Additionally, this update also should have better memory performance than previous versions of SubServers.

    The new environment
    For the first time since it's inception, the SubServers executable command handler has been updated. Now, commands are executed in the environment of the system (cmd on windows, sh for anyone else). Additionally, there are custom variables injected into these...
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  3. The December Stability Update

    We've fixed some things
    • Internal loggers now tie up loose ends properly
    • Access rules for restricted servers have been corrected
    • Fixed an NPE regarding SubServers.Client and auto-detecting the server link
    • SubServers.Client should now be unaffected by server-side chat modification plugins
    • SubServers' lang.yml now supports the expandable \u{...} JavaScript Unicode escape...
  4. The Automation Update

    This release has a focus on allowing SubServers to do more of the work for you. There are new configuration options available for the new features.

    SubServers just got smarter
    • It can forward your ports for you (only when UPnP is available)
    • It can pick it's own port number in SubCreator
    • It will choose a fallback server based on...
  5. A Random Update

    This update has a bunch of little changes to make SubServers better. This release is not network compatible with the previous release, so you will have to make sure all your SubServers apps get updated.

    What's new in this version
    • Rewrote /sub info to make it more useful
    • Proxies now have a bigger presence throughout SubServers when using 2 or more
    • SubServers.Sync can now sync over commonly altered BungeeCord config values
    • Stopping a server or kicking...
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  6. The 1.13 Update (Finished)

    The final release of 2.13a has come. This update includes fixes related to changes in backend distribution and to the Templates folder.

    The Sponge template in this version will now build SpongeVanilla (Sponge without Forge). SpongeForge has moved to the Forge template. To get this template, you can...
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  7. The 1.13 Update (Pre-Release 4)

    This update feels like the very first pre-release to meeeeeeeeeee~!

    That's right, we now have a tested version of SubServers 2 for BungeeCord/Spigot 1.13-pre7! It's hard to believe that it's been 7 months since I began making changes in preperation for this release, but here it is.

    Changes in this version are slim since I already had most of the work done, but they include:
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  8. The 1.13 Update (Pre-Release 3)

    This update fixes compatibility with newer builds of the Waterfall fork of BungeeCord and some other plugins.

    Ways compatibility was improved:
    • SubData no longer uses org.json where other JSON libraries are provided
    • SubCreator's Vanilla patch tool now works in Java 9 and 10
    • SubAPI now has more ways of detecting compatible Minecraft versions
    • SubServers now keeps BungeeCord's versioning info intact when patched with the...
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  9. The 1.13 Update (Pre-Release 2)

    SubCreator now caches versions of Spigot and Vanilla you have previously patched so that the next time you create that version it is done almost immediately.

    For developers, the pre-releases are available through maven using the short version (for example: 2.13a/pr2)

    Also, this pre-release contains fixes to the version library regarding parsing and comparing layered versions.
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  10. The 1.13 Update (Pre-Release 1)

    This update rolls up all the changes I've been making recently, along with partial support for features in future versions of minecraft. Starting with this update, SubServers will become more dependent on the minecraft version it determines it's running on. If you experience issues related to this, you can start SubServers addons and/or your servers with the argument: -Dsubservers.minecraft.version=<version>. Additionally, this update will require you to...