SubServers 2 2.13.2c

The Server Management Platform

  1. SubCreator Update

    This update changes the SubCreator Template system. Templates are now located at "~/SubServers/Templates" and contain the whole server directory instead of select folders.

    Also, the problems with SubServers.Client related to the creator have been fixed, and SubServers.Host has finally been accepted by the spigot resource staff.
  2. Minor bugfixes

    This update contains some minor fixes:
    • Update to latest SubServers.Client.jar
    • Fixed '/sub delete' for internally hosted servers
  3. The SubServers.Host Update

    This update's main additions are the ones that make the new SubServers.Host (Approval Pending) possible, such as adding the NETWORK driver and the PacketEx group of packets.
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  4. SubAPI Additions

    This update contains some useful API additions and minor fixes.

    • Added #addListener() so plugins can run code when subapi is enabled and servers are loaded.
    • Added #setDisplayName() to all servers and hosts so plugins can modify what name will be shown (you'd have to update SubServers.Client for it to work though)
    • Fixed...
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  5. SubData Fix

    This update fixes an issue that prevented SubData from accepting connections.
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  6. Re-add SubLogger & Filter API

    This update re-adds the SubLogger API from previous versions. There's also a couple minor bug fixes here and there.

    SubServers.Console is now available. This bungee plugin is used to pop-out SubServers/SubCreator Instances into their own console window. However, it only works if you host the servers on your own computer. It'll have it's own plugin page soon™
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  7. API & Fixes Update

    This update makes slight changes and additions to SubAPI, along with some general fixes and invisible changes.

    Changes Include:
    - Better Documented the project (JavaDocs)
    - Fixed SubServers Client Generator (SubCreator)
    - Multiple Packets can Send/Receive on the same handle (SubData Direct)
    - Made the Authentication Packet final (SubData Direct/Security)
    - Minor YAML Reader Fixes/Additions (SubAPI & Invisible)
    - Rewrite the Launcher using Reflection (Launcher)
    - Minor Invisible Changes
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  8. Config Fix

    This update fixes a few minor issues with the config.
  9. Plugin Templates

    This update re-adds SubCreator's Plugin Templates directory from previous versions. Place whatever plugins you want into the proper plugin template directory and it'll be copied when creating a subserver.

    This update also adds the console-only command '/sub delete' for deleting servers. Don't worry though, if you get trolled, deleted servers can be recovered from the "Recently Deleted" folder for up to 7 days.
  10. SubCreator Windows Fix

    The infamous "BuildTools Freeze" SubCreator bug has finally been fixed.
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