SubServers 2 2.13.2c

The Server Management Platform

  1. Minor Bugfix

    There's a bug. I squished it hardcore. RIP NullPointerException
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  2. STDIN Queue-ified

    The STDIN for servers has now been made more like a queue rather than being overwritten. This fixes the chance of the value being overwritten in non-sql data transfer (resulting in loss of data).
  3. Welcoming SubServers Vanilla

    As some of you may know SubServers.Vanilla has finally been released. This alternative version of subservers has its ups and downs and can be viewed here.

    Take Note:
    • This won't replace SubServers Bukkit: I'll be updating both
    • SubServers Vanilla installs sorta simalarly to SubServers Bukkit
    • SubServers Vanilla requires an SQL database
  4. A CPU Update

    It's Finally a CPU Update! As many have questioned and/or requested fixes for SubServers using a bunch of their CPU I was finally able to pinpoint and solve it. This version of SubServers should decrease your CPU usage if you were experiencing such high usages.
  5. Some Minor Updates

    This contains some minor changes/additions made to this while translating code to the next edition of subservers.

    • Fixed Bukkit Compatibility
    • Cleaned up Logging a bit more
    • Made servers log to the level they originally outputted on
    • Added the much requested "~All" fake server to "/sub cmd"
    • Minor SQL fixes
    • Minor Logger fixes
    • Minor "/sub reload" fixes
    • Minor bugfixes
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  6. Proxy Fixes

    This update contains proxy fixes for a major disconnect of SubServers for people using SQL. The disconnect has noticeable effects on the default included shared chat, /glist, and many other proxy related actions. It is a recommended update for all who are using SQL.
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  7. API Updates

    This update contains mostly API updates for the new features to that have been added.

    ChangeLog (Spigot):
    .addServer() now returns a SubServer variable
    .createServer() added for SubCreator
    .getDir() added to get a SubServer's Directory
    Added API Methods to SubCreator
    Many Minor changes to the SubServer class
    Minor lang.yml changes

    ChangeLog (Bungee):
    .addServerInfo() added to add servers without restarting
    .getWrapperVersion() added for version checking
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  8. The 1.9 Update

    While previous versions of subservers run decently on 1.9, theres still some improvements to be made for compatibility on this new Minecraft version. This update includes many minor changes of mine and 1.9 related bug fixes.

    Change Log:
    • Disabled auto server ping for SubServers.Bukkit as of now due to 1.9 changes.
    • Fixed '/sub reload' having a chance of loosing control of running servers.
    • Added proxy command '/subproxy' for easy proxy version checking.
    • Many minor improvements
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  9. Proxy Fix

    This update just fixes the "Unknown Command" problem some non-sql users are having :)
  10. SubEvent API Update

    This is mainly an update for the API. I've overhauled the SubEvent API, because before it was not great. It's taken a more bukkit-like approach, so it's easier to understand & use.

    Event API Improvements (over the original):
    • Events can now be ordered by priority
    • Event issues are easier to debug now
    • Event Exceptions no longer stop SubServers from completing tasks
    • It's less confusing to beginners
    • It's more flexible
    • you can now unregister events
    • other minor...
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